These 25 Desserts for Two Are the Perfect Way to Spend a Cozy Valentine's Day

A perfect dessert, just the right size for you and your loved one.

Before you can say winter blues, Valentine's Day arrives to add some love and romance to our lives. Some of us prefer cooking with our special someone at home over spending Valentine's Day out and about. The best part of Valentine's Day dinner at home is sharing an intimate dessert for two with someone you love. 

Once you're set to celebrate Cupid's big day at home, you might still need help finding the perfect dessert. While plenty of decadent Valentine's Day desserts are out there, not as many are portioned for two people. 

You're in luck, because we found 25 delicious desserts for two to enjoy on Valentine's Day. They're all made exclusively for couples or are perfectly sized for two foodies in love. If you crave chocolate, you'll find everything from a chocolate cherry cake and a creamy chocolate trifle to retro chocolate fondue. For those who think beyond chocolate, there's also raspberry tiramisu, strawberry shortcake and heart-shaped treats. 

The best part is that you'll be able to whip up these quick desserts for two in no time. That way, you can spend Valentine's Day with the one you love instead of being stuck in the kitchen. 

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