This Map Shows Every State's Favorite Donut 

Doughnuts are a universally beloved food, like chocolate chip cookies and pizza. After all, who can resist a fried ring of sweetness adorned with jelly, frosting, or chocolate? Although it's undeniable that donuts are a popular treat across the United States, the real question is- which kind of doughnut is the best? If you were stranded on a desert island with one donut, what kind would you choose?? Fortunately, this donut map shows the favorite donut in every state to answer this burning question once and for all!

The History of Donuts

While sweets similar to donuts have been around for centuries, this sweet treat rose to popularity during World War I, when homesick American soldiers in France were brought doughnuts by volunteers. These women even brought these tasty rings to the frontlines to spread hope and optimism in the way of sweets. When the soldiers eventually came back from war, they had a special spot in their hearts (and stomachs) for doughnuts.

The first donut shop was opened in New York City by a Dutch woman named Anna Joralemon, but the first donut chain was Krispy Kreme, which opened in 1933 and has now spread to 15 states in the donut map below! Along with Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Hortons, Krispy Kreme remains one of the most popular donut chains in America, providing joy to all in the form of sweet, fried dough.

Since their humble beginnings, doughnuts have expanded in many directions, and there is truly a donut flavor for everyone. Glazed doughnuts are a classic, while apple fritters, powdered doughnuts and chocolate donuts are popular as well. There are even hot chocolate donuts for chocolate lovers! Along with a plethora of flavors, any self-respecting doughnut shop also sells donut holes, a snackable version of the doughnut. For a truly indulgent experience, have a scoop of ice cream alongside your donut!

Map of Each State's Favorite Donut

As you can see in this map, a wide variety of donuts are popular across the country! Glazed donuts and sugar donuts are obvious choices, while there are some surprises like the cronut and the paczki. As the map reveals, Californians believe that the best donuts are the bear claw, Missouri loves the cinnamon twist, and Texans have an affinity for powdered donuts.

Along with having favorite donuts, some states have famous donut shops that probably influence the choices in this donut map. Portland, Oregon has Voodoo Doughnuts for the adventurous, while Ohio features a whole donut trail where you can follow a trail of delicious donut shops! As for NYC, Du's Donuts and Doughnut Plant are known to be delicious, or you can go for the classic Dunkin' on Grand Ave. No matter which state you're in, it's hard to go wrong with a donut!

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