10 of the Best Texas Donut Shops

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]exas is well-known for its incredible kolaches that can't be found anywhere else in the U.S. But if you're not stopping for some Texas donuts for breakfast every once in a while, you're doing yourself a disservice.

Texas is a veritable paradise of unique donut operations and unheard of flavor combinations. While it's difficult to whittle down the dozens of incredible places, we've narrowed it down to 10 must-try donut shops. Pardon the pun, but we donut want you to miss out on the 10 best donut shops in Texas!

10. Christy's Donuts - Houston

With their homey atmosphere, friendly shop keepers and occasional bags of free donut holes, Christy's is practically a Houston institution. Located on Montrose, Christy's is a slice of old school Houston in a neighborhood that is continuously changing. At Christy's you can get all your favorite classic donuts hot and fresh for a very reasonable price.

9. Round Rock Donuts - Round Rock

Featured on the Food Network show "Man vs. Food", Round Rock Donuts are famous in the Austin area for their soft donuts with delicate orange glaze. If you're really hungry, they do sell a five-pound donut that is the equivalent of a dozen donuts in one!

8. The Original Donut Shop - San Antonio

Just ask any San Antonio native and they'll tell you the best breakfast spot in town is the Original Donut Shop on Fredericksburg Road. The location has consistently won "Best of " lists for both their donuts and their breakfast tacos. Check it out the next time you're in the Alamo city!

7. River Oaks Donuts - Houston

Image via Yelp

A Cronut from River Oaks Donuts Image via Yelp

Known for their delicious cake dough and cronuts (a donut/croissant hybrid), River Oaks Donuts in Houston is a delectable place to stop and enjoy a morning treat. For an extra special flavor rush, try the Nutella donut holes, which are pretty much to-die-for. Don't pass up on the kolaches either, since River Oaks Donuts uses Prasek's sausage in theirs.

6. Mojo Donuts - Dallas

Creme brûlée, maple bacon and cookie butter might not be words you associate with donuts, but that's because you haven't tried Mojo Donuts. The little donut shop on Lemmon Avenue in Dallas serves up delicious and original donuts such as the "Dirty Bastard," the "Sunny Side Up" and the "Over the Rainbow."

5. Donut 911 - Kyle

Having a donut emergency? Check out Donut 911 in Kyle, Texas. The food truck on Rebel Drive in the small Hill Country town is painted like an ambulance and has offerings such as the "EMT," the "D-Fib" and the "Shock Treatment," and the flavors are just as intense as the names. They also make beignets and breakfast tacos, so there's something to satisfy any appetite!

4. Hugs & Donuts - Houston

If you like your donuts with a side of love (and seriously, who doesn't?) check out Hugs & Donuts in Houston. The unique menu features items such as the green tea and crumb cake donut and the strawberry shortcake donut. Don't you dare pass up on the chicken and waffle donut either, it's out of this world. Also, they really will hug you. But only if you want them to.

3. Jarams Donuts - Dallas

An unassuming red sign reading "Donuts" in an average strip mall on Preston Road belies the wonderment of donut paradise inside Jarams Donuts in Dallas. For a particularly decadent donut experience, try the Ferrero Rocher donut or the camp fire s'mores donut.

2. Gourdough's - Austin

The shiny airstream food truck on South Congress is a haven for the donut enthusiast. Gourdough's offers unheard of flavor combinations such as the "Mother Clucker" which features chicken and honey butter, or the "Blue Balls", blueberry filled donut holes covered in blueberry icing. Unfortunately, not all menu items contain sexual innuendos, as much as that might delight the middle-schooler in all of us.

1. Hypnotic Donuts - Dallas

If you want a truly one-of-a-kind donut experience, you've got to make your way to Hypnotic Donuts. With two locations in the Dallas area, you have no excuses. Treat your palate with the "Evil Elvis" - a peanut butter-bandana-bacon concoction that is like a hunk a hunk of burnin' love for your tastebuds. If that's not up your alley why not consider the "Robin Leach", a cake donut with champagne glaze and caviar. That's right, caviar. You can also indulge in an adult beverage at the Denton location. The unique menu items at Hypnotic Donuts are what brings iti to our number one spot on the list.

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