$15 Heart-Shaped Baking Pans Will Make Valentine’s Day Desserts Extra Sweet

Valentine's Day is approaching. From pickle bouquets and chicken nugget bouquets, I am overwhelmed with the unique gifts I can give to my loved ones. It seems like chocolates are overrated these days! Which is completely understandable. In a world where you can now order heart-shaped pizzas from Pizza Hut on Valentine's Day, cooking may be a rare Valentine's Day activity.

Let's not forget that cooking is a wonderful love language. If your Valentine still appreciates a homemade dessert for Valentine's Day, add your holiday flair to it with a heart-shaped baking pan. Use a heart pan to make your own cake, pizza, and brownies. This special occasion calls for pink, red, candlelit dinners, and of course, hearts!

Heart-Shaped pans

1. Non-Stick Original Heart-shaped Baking Pan in Copper Finish - 9-Inch

What's Valentine's Day without hearts? You can opt to skip out on Pizza Hut and make a DIY deep-dish pizza with his heart shape pan. Or my favorite, heart-shaped cheesecakes! Bring the Cheesecake Factory to your home kitchen.

There is a nonstick coating for easy release and clean up. As long as you make it with love, your dessert or pizza will have perfect results. Get your cake mix ready. I'm very sentimental about gifts, especially gifts that involve home cooking.

If someone made me a cake from a heart cake pan, you bet I'm adding this to my list of gifts I'll never forget! Leave the bundt pan and round cake pan in the pantry for this special day. This is the only pan you'll need for cake baking on February 14.

Although, this bakeware will come in handy on Mother's Day and any special day you want to cook for a loved one. This $20 heart-shaped pan is dishwasher safe and is in stock. Don't wait until the last minute if you have one of the best strawberry cake recipes! Visit Amazon for yours today.

This heart-shaped baking pan is perfect for school and office holiday parties. Be sure to also check out heart-shaped cupcake pans and muffin pans!

3. Wilton Non-Stick Heart Cake Pan, 9-Inch

Those heart-shaped cakes are going to taste extra sweet! For more cookware, visit Amazon.

This post was originally published on January 23, 2020.

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