Shake Up Your Valentine's Day Shopping With the Skittles Love Mix

Skittles candy is a brand that's popular year-round. We pick it up in the grocery store check out aisle, pass it out on Halloween night, and even buy it at the movie theater. Personally, it's also a candy I like to give to my loved ones on Valentine's Day. Everyone is bound to receive chocolate on that special day, so I like to mix it up with fruity flavors. It looks like Skittles also got the right idea with the Skittles Love Mix.

This limited-time Skittles flavor made its debut in 2018. So what's so special about the new Skittles Valentine's candy? For starters, take a look at the bag design. When I pass out gift baskets or Valentine's goodie bags, I stress out making sure that their gift looks like a Valentine's Day gift. Thank you, Skittles. The pink bag and hearts say so much!

Skittles Love Valentines Mix 11 Ounce Bag - Pack of Two

As for the flavors, they are different. In the Love Mix bag of Skittles, you'll find flavors that scream, "Happy Valentine's Day." Forget about tasting the rainbow for a second. You'll be tasting sweet flavors that remind you of romance and pure fun. New flavors include cherry, strawberry, watermelon, white grape, and yumberry.

You can find them on Amazon and Target. They make the perfect Valentine's Day candy for your sweetheart that isn't big on milk chocolate candy. Of course, my mouth still waters thinking about Hershey's, Reese's, and Ghirardelli, but there's something about Skittles Valentine's candy! I think it's the white grape flavor that sounds so unique to me.

A top Amazon review says these are the best Skittles she's ever had! I believe her. Skittles are one of my favorite candies of all time. I highly doubt I'll be disappointed with this bag. I will be adding these to my V-day cards for my girl gang and family this year.

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