New Kit Kat Raspberry Crème Flavor Candy Bars Are Here

Get your hearts and kisses ready, Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Believe me, every store wants you to know that Love Day is coming up fast. Stores are already stocking all of your old favorites like Hershey's dark chocolate kisses along with some new candy to try like the new Kit Kat Raspberry Crème. Keep your roses, I'll have a dozen Kit Kats.

New Kit Kat Raspberry Crème Flavor Candy Bars

Naturally and artificially flavored these new Kit Kat bars are filled with crisp wafers and covered in a raspberry flavor crème. The limited-edition candy is currently available at Walmart and sells as minibars, which makes them perfect to include with all of your Valentine's Day cards.

The white creme Kit Kats filled with crispy wafers is the perfect sweet treat.

New Kit Kat Raspberry Crème

Japanese Kit Kats Are Out of this World

This isn't a completely new flavor for the brand. Japanese Kit Kat has been selling a raspberry flavor of the candy for a while now. Japanese Kit Kats are on a whole other level. Unlike here in the States where our favorite flavors are pretty classic (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and sometimes pumpkin spice), Japan has no boundaries when it comes to flavor. Check out some of the most unusual Kit Kats that are on the market:

Japanese Kit Kat Flavors

Salt and Lemon

I can only image this tastes like the training wheels on a tequila shot.

Matcha Green Tea

It's a classic!

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato? Believe me, it just works.


Hot and spicy, this candy is the epitome of unique.

Sakura Japanese Sake

Cherry and sake are delicately balanced in this yummy candy bar. Dear Nestle, please sell these in the United States. Signed, a big fan.

Would you try any of these chocolate bars?

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