The Internet Asked How People Failed at Valentine's Day and Prepare Yourself

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, right? When it comes to Valentine's Day, there's not a more controversial holiday around. The expectations placed on both men and woman are often exaggerated and cause more strain between a couple than bringing them together. If you didn't catch our list of Valentine's Day facts, you might be surprised to learn that this holiday rakes in billions for greeting card companies, chocolate makers, and even restaurants.

So for all of the pomp and circumstance of Valentine's Day, something is bound to go wrong, right? Well this thread of answers from AskReddit proves that not every plan works out perfectly. The question? What is your Valentine's Day fail?

1. The gas station fail.

2. Food poisoning for the win.

3. Not ideal...

4. A sweet idea, poor execution.

5. The fake-out.

6. Ouch, that hurts.

7. Miscommunications happen.

8. February 15th, anyone?

9. Momma's love is the purest.

10. The grand confession, gone wrong.

11. Oh boy, that's odd.

12. One person's fail is another's success.

13. Oof.

No matter how your Valentine's Day went (or didn't go), at least you didn't get stood up at a gas station! The situation was understandable, of course.

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