Map Shows the Best U.S. Cities to Celebrate Valentine's Day In


Will you be celebrating Valentine's Day in one of the American cities deemed the best for the romantic holiday? According to a new map from WalletHub, there is a clear set of criteria to make Valentine's Day go smoothly, and they've ranked the top 100 cities that meet those measurements in the interactive infographic below.

To determine the list, WalletHub considered budgeting, things to do, ease of finding traditional gifts, and even the weather forecast for each city on Feb. 14. On average, couples will spend about $143.56 on Valentine's Day, so WalletHub considered how far that money could go at a nice restaurant and other entertainment options like parties, nightlife and movie theaters.

Other factors included details like jewelry stores per capita, walkability of the city, and diversity of fine restaurants.

Source: WalletHub

By hovering over cities, one can see that San Franciso, Calif. comes out on top with San Diego, Calif., Las Vegas, Nev., Orlando, Fla. and Chicago, Ill. rounding out the top five. Texas cities have a strong standing in the list, taking the 11th (Austin), 15th (San Antonio), 20th (Houston), and 22nd (Dallas) spots.

See where the city you find most romantic falls in the detailed list on WalletHub's website. 

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Map Shows the Best U.S. Cities to Celebrate Valentine's Day In