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10 Best Dan + Shay Songs


Country music is known for its powerhouse duos, and Dan + Shay is a duo that has seen great success in modern country music. Beginning with their debut single in 2013, they have paved their own unique path in the genre thanks to their modern country sound, strong vocals and tight harmonies. Singles like "Tequila" and "Speechless" helped propel them to international prominence and earned them a dedicated fanbase. Now onto their fourth album, Dan + Shay keep pressing on in country music, and here are 10 of their best songs so far. 

The 10 Best Dan + Shay Songs


10. "I Should Probably Go to Bed"

This soaring ballad from Good Things is yet another example of Dan and Shay's masterful vocals.


9. "Keeping Score"

The Grammy-winning country duo and singer-songwriters teamed up with the multitalented Kelly Clarkson for "Keeping Score," from their self-titled album, which also featured "All to Myself" and "Speechless."

8. "19 You + Me"

One cannot speak about Dan + Shay's massive career without mentioning the song that started it all for them: their debut single, "19 You + Me." This song introduced Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney as a duo in 2013. Accompanied by banjo and other acoustic elements, the tune tells the story of a summer fling from years ago. While country fans were still getting to know the duo after the release of this song, "19 You + Me" set up a solid debut for them, landing at No. 11 on the charts.


7. "Nothin' Like You"

It didn't take Dan + Shay long to find success in country music, and they had their first No. 1 song with their third release. That single was "Nothin' Like You" from 2015. In this song, again from their debut album Where It All Began, the duo tells the sweet story of meeting a love interest who was simply "sipping coffee in a corner booth" when the song's narrator laid eyes on her. They then go on to sing about how they've never met anyone like the subject of the song. "Nothin' Like You" served to establish the duo as heavy hitters in country music.

6. "From the Ground Up"

By 2016, it was clear Dan + Shay had a knack for writing and singing love songs, and they took this gift to the next level with the release of "From The Ground Up" from Obsessed. In this committed ballad, the duo sings about a lasting love story with a strong foundation that has been built "from the ground up." With its sentimental piano instrumentation and the duo's effortless vocals, the song became a quintessential wedding song for the year as well as their second No. 1 hit.


5. "How Not To"

By the time Dan + Shay released their fifth single, "How Not To," they were at the top of the country music genre, but they were still on the precipice of something much bigger. This upbeat love song continued the duo's rise, and although it didn't have quite the impact of "From the Ground Up," it still reached No. 1 and earned Platinum status.


4. "Speechless"


Dan + Shay quickly followed up "Tequila" with "Speechless," the second single from their self-titled album, in August of 2018. In this, another passionate love ballad, the duo sing from the perspective of a man seeing his partner dressed up and ready to go out for the evening. The song could also be interpreted to be about a husband seeing his wife for the first time on their wedding day, and that's the way the duo portrayed it in the music video, which features footage from both of their weddings. "Speechless" became another massive hit for the group, landing at No. 1 for eight weeks and being certified 6x Platinum.

3. "10,000 Hours"

In 2019, Dan + Shay kept their monumental hit streak going with another single: "10,000 Hours" with Justin Bieber. The song marked Bieber's first real foray into country music, and it became an incredibly successful release for all the artists. In this pop-influenced love song, Dan + Shay and Bieber sing about loving a partner for the rest of their lives. The song reached the No. 1 spot on multiple charts and was certified quadruple Platinum. "10,000 Hours" was originally released as a standalone single in 2019, and it was included on the duo's fourth studio album, Good Things, which was released two years later in 2021.

2. "Glad You Exist"


Dan + Shay got back into No. 1 territory yet again with their 2021 song, "Glad You Exist," from their Good Things album. In this cheerful, acoustic-driven song, the duo sing to someone -- whether it be a partner, their fans or a neighbor -- expressing their gratefulness for that person's existence. This tune was released in February 2021, and it became the duos' ninth career No. 1 just six months later in August of that year.

1. "Tequila"

In January 2018, Dan + Shay released "Tequila," the debut single from their forthcoming self-titled album, and thus began the most successful era in the duo's career. In this song, the duo again looks back on a past relationship, singing about how all the memories of the affair are brought back with the taste of tequila. This song became a massive hit for the duo, reaching the No. 1 spot on the Country Airplay chart and staying there for multiple weeks. It has also been certified a whopping 7x Platinum by the RIAA.

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