Cowboy Trail Nebraska
Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain

Walk Above the Trees on Nebraska's Nearly 200-Mile Cowboy Trail

The longest rail-trail in the United States is located in Nebraska and it's an incredible sight to see. It was the largest rails-to-trails conversion project and the end result is seriously cool. Dubbed The Cowboy Trail, follows the old railroad line, the Cowboy Line from Norfolk in the east to Chadron in the northwestern part of the state.

Over 200 bridges can be seen along the trail that, when completed, will extend just over 300 miles. The trail is currently 195 miles long. Many of the bridges are incredible historic pieces of our past when America thrived on railroad travel, but maybe one of the most impressive is the bridge outside of Valentine in Northern Nebraska. 

Standing high above the trees at 148 feet tall, you can an incredible view of the Niobrara River on this bridge that extends a quarter-mile. Another tall bridge to visit is across Long Pine Creek at Long Pine. This former railroad bridge extends 595 feet and is nearly the same height at 145 feet tall.

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The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission maintains the nature trail and has helped make it a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The trail offers horseback riding, biking and even ghosts. Many people who have visited Nebraska's Cowboy Trail have claimed they saw spirits from the railroad's historic past. You can still see many relics from that time period like original mileposts and old telegraph poles. 

If you're planning on spending time on the recreational trail, make sure you come prepared with the correct equipment. The trail is made of crushed limestone so wear hiking boots that work on a hard surface. There are even some areas along that trail that welcome camping if you're looking to make a night of it. If you're a cyclist planning on making your way across by bike, mountain bikes or a bike with wider set tires will be best. 

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