Texas ranchers
Kris Groteluschen

Nebraskans Lead Convoy to Help Texas Ranchers in Need


A caravan of Nebraskans brought hay and other supplies to aid Texas ranchers affected by recent wildfires.

According to 1011now.com, nine semi-trucks took donated goods to help people affected by the Lipscomb wildfires in North Texas.

The donations included 200 hay bales, 20 rolls of wire, a couple hundred posts and transportation to get volunteers to the community of Canadian, Texas.

Corie and Brian Ash, who run Ash Ranch in Lipscomb, Texas, are one of the families affected by the fire. They said the flames came within 200 yards of their house.

Corie Ash knows things will eventually return to normal, but said the generosity from the Nebraska group is overwhelming.

"All of those Nebraskans that came, it means so much, that they will take their time and hard-earned money, that they will help people all the way in Texas," Ash said.

This video has more on the story.


Since the wildfires, a handful of volunteers around the region have been providing aid to Texas ranchers affected by the fires. Midland rancher Tallian Thompson recently donated $30,000 in hay to feed misplaced livestock.

The Panhandle region of Texas suffered at least $21 million in damage, according to the most recent reports. At least $1 million of that total includes emergency hay and feed. Texas ranchers also lost $4 million worth of livestock and millions more in building and structural damages.

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