6 Stylish Christmas Placemats for the Holiday Season

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The holidays are coming up, which means it's time to start putting up your Christmas decorations and thinking about what's going on your Christmas table. Some of us take holiday decor very seriously, down to decorating the bathrooms and making sure the whole house feels merry and bright. Even if you don't love to go all out for decorating, having a pretty holiday table set up for Christmas dinner makes the whole thing feel a lot more festive, and these Christmas placemats are an easy way to add a lot of decoration.

You don't even need a fancy centerpiece, tablecloth, or table runner with these placemats, they'll give your dining table tons of festive feel without taking up valuable real estate that should be left for ham, turkey, and whatever else might be on the menu this season. Just grab some napkins and set these placemat sets on your dining room table, and you're all set for a festive feast!

Best Christmas Placemats

1. TweetyBed Christmas Snowflake Placemats

These snowflake placemats are perfect for the holiday season! They add a subtle wintery touch to any dining table, and if you feel like you've got a lot of red and green going in your holiday decor, the blue and white make for a great change of color. Plus, you can use these table linens throughout the winter season and not exclusively during the Christmas season.

2. Christmas Buffalo Plaid Placemats With Christmas Tree

These adorable Christmas tree placemats are perfect for any festive tabletop setting. With a holiday plaid border and red and green accents, these table linens will match any holiday decor in your home while adding a festive touch to your dining table. Made of linen, these placemats will protect your table and won't scratch the surface, so you won't need to put down a protective tablecloth if you don't want to.

Fun holiday plaid is trending lately, too, so your table will look wonderfully modern with these Christmas placemats.

3. ZOVAREGE Christmas Placemats, Snowflakes, Snowmen

These snowman placemats are, in my opinion, absolutely adorable. They're perfect for your holiday table decorations this holiday season, whether you're enjoying Christmas dinner or decorating gingerbread cookies, these festive mats are a great way to protect your dining room table and add a little holiday spirit at the same time.

You could also use them on a coffee table or little end table to keep your surfaces protected. These placemats are made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, meaning they're super thick and durable.

4. Reversible Buffalo Plaid Holiday Placemats

These buffalo check placemats can be used during the holiday season or for everyday use if you have a farmhouse theme in your home. They're reversible, with the other side displaying a buffalo plaid border with a plain beige center for a more subtle look. Toss these down with some cute coasters and a festive centerpiece, and you'll have a dining room table that's all set for a Christmas dinner!

The simple red and black colors on these placemats make it easy to match them with all types of decor, whether you're decorating for the holiday or not. You could use these year-round or during any special occasion for a pop of color on your table!

5. C&F Home Red Plaid Round Quilted Placemat

These round red placemats are quilted and have a scalloped border for a more traditional look and feel. The red and green holiday plaid lends itself to match all types of holiday decor, but they're subtle and understated enough that you could use these cotton placemats all year.

These placemats are a little more expensive than other options, but customer reviews have said that they're worth the price because they're machine washable, which makes cleanup a breeze, and they're super durable, so they'll last you a long time.

6. Whaline Christmas Burlap Placemats With Poinsettias

Poinsettias are one of my favorite parts about the holidays, these vibrant red flowers add so much color to any home, and these poinsettia placemats do just the same. The burlap material lends to a more traditional look and feel, and the decorative mistletoe and poinsettia designs make them super festive (as does the "Merry Christmas" writing on it, can't forget about that!).

These are perfect for decorating your family table this holiday season, they'll add a lovely touch that will make the entire evening feel merry and bright.