These 6 Shower Shelves Will Totally Maximize Your Bathroom Space

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The bathroom. One of your home's most-used rooms. You want your bathroom to feel comfortable— a place to relax and have peace. But, the bathroom of your dreams doesn't have to come from an expensive remodel. Small changes, like shower shelves, can add more storage and style to your space today.

Unless you're using a shower that opens to the great outdoors, bathroom space seems to only shrink over time. That's why DIY ledges like these are a great addition to your shower wall. Most showers are pretty compact and only have a ledge big enough to hold a bar of soap and maybe a bottle of shampoo or two. It's okay if you live alone, but add another person to the shower, and you'll soon be overwhelmed with the number of shampoo bottles, body washes, and conditioners.

There are a few different shower shelving units that can be configured differently depending on the layout of your shower. For showers with a tub, a corner shower caddy is a great addition and doesn't take up space around the lip of the tub.

Pole shower shelves or wall shelves are a great investment if you only have a shower. Choose the best one for your layout, and you'll be clean and organized in a jiffy.

Best Shower Shelves For Clean Storage

1. LEVERLOC Corner Shower Caddy

This bathroom corner shelf is small, compact, and fits right into corners. The freestanding design is spacious enough for a soap dish and multiple shampoo bottles.

2. 2 Tier No Drilling Shower Shelf

We love a shower organizer with hooks for any number of things, from the loofah to the face towels. Lotion, body wash, and other bathroom accessories are also safe from falling, thanks to a high-pitch wall around the storage basket.

3. ADOVEL 4 Layer Corner Shower Shelving Unit

These free-standing storage shelves work just as well inside the shower as they do for other areas of the bathroom that need more space. 3,100 reviews suggest that a tension pole is a high-quality option from Amazon.

Grab the bestseller for $50.

4. 12 inch Floating Shelves Shower Caddy

This storage rack requires a bit more handiwork since it doesn't have heavy-duty suction cups or a tension rod. Taking the adhesive approach will increase your shower storage in a more permanent way.

5. TAILI Suction Cup Shower Shelf

Hang your washcloth from the miniature towel bar, or store your bottles in the soap holder. The TAILI caddy sticks on strong and has a smaller profile.

6. Gricol Bath Corner Shower Shelving

Gricol offers premium bathroom accessories to increase shower storage space, from razor holders to separate soap trays. These storage organizer shelves have a sleek, matte design that looks sophisticated and simple.