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Blake Shelton Dances to Snoop Dogg Backstage at 'The Voice'

If we've learned one thing from Blake Shelton's many years as a coach on NBC's The Voice, it's that he's always up for having fun and doesn't take himself too seriously. As The Voice season 20 continues to heat up, rapper Snoop Dogg was brought on as a mega mentor and you could say that the country singer was potentially more excited than even the contestants and the other Voice coaches. Understandable considering Snoop has been a legend ever since releasing his debut album in 1993.

In a hilarious video backstage, Shelton is dancing in front of the mirror to Snoop's "Drop It Like It's Hot" with some pretty interesting moves. Snoop comes around the corner and reveals that he's wearing the exact same colorful jacket that Shelton is sporting...clearly more fit for the rapper than Shelton but it adds to the humor when Snoop asks "Are we twins today?" We'd love to hear Gwen Stefani's reaction to her fiance's dancing skills.

Shelton posted a clip of the scene on social media joking "Let's bring these moves back again..."

Mega mentor Snoop Dogg joined the show during the knockout rounds, working with Shelton in addition to John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Kelly Clarkson's teams. Though the superstar was helpful to all of the hopeful contestants, he revealed that he's a major fan of country music and got particularly excited helping members of Team Blake and Team Kelly (hello Kenzie Wheeler).

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The teams were all anxious about the knockouts following the battle rounds and the Grammy-nominated superstar had tons of helpful advice from working on body language to making the audience feel something...all useful tips as the winners from the knockouts move onto the live shows in Los Angeles and for the first time they can't depend on their coaches to keep them out in California.

One of the highlights of the knockouts was definitely watching Snoop's interactions with Blake Shelton. Funny enough, the rapper tells Entertainment Tonight that he and Shelton are actually really similar.

"Blake is like Snoop Dogg," he said with a laugh. "If we would've been in school together, we both would've been getting suspended, class clowns, throwing stuff at the other students. Like, he's one of my guys... Can't look at us and tell, but once we started hanging out and doing our thing, it was life, man, y'all act like y'all been knowing each other 20, 30 years."

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