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Black Succulents are Perfect For Fall Decorating

The air outside is starting to get a little nip, which means it is the perfect time to start planning your Autumn indoor decor! Normally fresh flowers are usually associated with Spring (who doesn't love a vase of fresh tulips during April?), but there are a few fresh flowers that perk up the spookiness in your home. Black succulents, or as some call them, Goth Succulents, are the perfect addition to add some ghoulish feel to your home without breaking out the fake spiderwebs. Whether you get them from Amazon or Etsy, these dark succulents make great Halloween decorations and low-maintenance centerpieces

What Are Black Succulents?

Like normal succulent plants, Black succulents are a type of cacti that enjoy full sun and demise in overwatering. They are no different than your colorful houseplants and what you find in your succulent garden. The only difference is their gorgeous and deep color.

Here are some of our favorite striking succulents that'll add that spooky element to your home decor.

Echeveria 'Black Prince' Succulent 

Known as the Black Prince, this hens-and-chicks variety is spooky and beautiful. This black beauty produces rosettes of thick leaves that are actually a dark purple when looked at in direct light, and when viewed in indirect light, the plant seems to have black leaves. This small plant can grow six inches tall and eight inches wide, making it a great container plant to add to your DIY Halloween decor.

Sinocrassula yunnanensis 'Chinese Jade'

Easy to grow, this rare succulent is a small rosette plant that can grow up to four inches tall and eventually develop into thick clusters. The rosettes bloom only once, then die and are replaced by the closed blooms, making this plant's life cycle a little spooky.

Echeveria 'Black Knight'

You need a little bit of imagination with this plant, as the rosettes of thick, curved, pointed leaves can be seen as little monster claws. Whether you see it or not, this succulent loves to sit on a sunny windowsill.

Aeonium Arboreum Zwartkop 'Black Rose Aeonium' Succulent 

This high-demand succulent is one of the most beautiful of the lot. Its stems can grow up to 3 feet with rosettes of paddle-shaped leaves and its color is striking, with a green center, with the outermost leaves boasting a dark purple hue. They aren't afraid of a little bit of direct sunlight, so planting these succulents in a pot on the porch is a great way to show them off.

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