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3 Best Portable Heaters to Keep You Warm In the Office & Outdoors

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Life is full of situations where a little more heat comes in handy a whole lot. As someone who runs as hot as a radiator, the times I need a warm-up always seem to be when I don't have an electric outlet nearby (or don't want to use one). So when I heard that a battery-powered heater might exist out there, I was more than excited.

Portable. Lightweight. Rechargeable. With the strength of today's solar panels and lithium battery power sources, I was certain that battery-operated heaters were a common household item. Several deep dives later, and now I think I've found the one thing you can't buy on the internet. That's right, while battery-powered fans are plentiful, the World Wide Web is (very) short on heaters that cover the "rechargeable" mark.

When in need of portable, lightweight, rechargeable heat, it seems most folks are still relying on either propane heaters or an electric heater plugged into a mobile power station.

I mean, they even make water heaters that run on battery power these days— what gives?

Best Portable Heaters

Whether in an Airbnb, a tent, or an office where the men won't stop lowering the AC— a personal heater is crucial. But one that can hold its own power? Invaluable. Since those types of units seem to be nonexistent, I've collected three models that cover the two other criteria: portable and lightweight. One of them is even cordless!

Best Under $20

1. Lasko Portable Electric Space Heater, Compact, Black

  • Weighs 1 lb.
  • Super portable at 6 inches. tall
  • $17
  • Electric powered

Although this is an electric (not battery-powered) heater through and through, the portability of this 4.4-star unit is front and center. There's a 6-foot, 2-prong cord that can reach nearly any outlet. Plus, it's tiny and compact enough to fit right into a backpack, purse, or travel bag.

The little Lasko unit only draws 2 amps of power for maximum energy efficiency. Unfortunately, some reviewers say it's too small for a large-square foot area, and the 200-volt cord means it can't run off a car battery and power inverter. Still, the convection heating element is great for your personal space.

Best for Outdoors

2. Mr. Heater F215100 MH4B Little Buddy 3800-BTU Indoor Safe Heating System, Portable Propane Heater, Medium

  • 5 lb. weight
  • 11 inches tall
  • 4,600 reviews
  • Propane source

This may not be a portable battery-powered unit, but the Little Buddy gas heater is one of the few cordless heating options on the market and one of the very few that could be considered portable.

Using propane tanks as a power supply may generate high heat, but they can also cause fears of carbon monoxide when used indoors. Fortunately, Mr. Heater has one key safety feature to take care of this:

Just like electric units that automatically turn off from overheat protection, this burner has a "low oxygen level" sensor that shuts things down if there isn't proper ventilation in your space. Four square inches of ventilation are all that's needed for non-electric heat.

Although this may not be a true battery-powered heater, the fact that it's cordless means you can take it wherever you go.

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Best Overall

3. Honeywell HCE200W UberHeat Ceramic Heater White Energy Efficient Space Saving Portable Heater with 2 Heat Settings & Adjustable Thermostat for Living Room, Bedroom, Office

  • 9 x 6.5 x 10.25 inches
  • 3.8 lbs.
  • Electric
  • 4.4/5 stars

With Honeywell, the small heater features add a big touch of comfort (even if it isn't battery-powered). An LED light indicates operational status and an automatic shut-off trigger if it starts overheating. The ceramic heating element is encased in cool-touch, fireproof plastic.

Like the Lasko heater, this Honeywell unit also runs on an electric power supply. The minimal wattage of 200W covers 120-200 sq. ft., which is larger than the other electric unit. Still small enough to be portable, the Honeywell delivers heat where you need it.

Although it is tough to find a heat source that isn't electric or propane, Amazon does sell hand warmers and heated blankets that run on a battery power bank. Drop into the comments if you find a warm trail on the rechargeable units.

This post was originally published on July 19, 2021.