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Amazon is Selling an Igloo-Shaped Sauna To Keep You Warm And Toasty This Winter

The weather is finally cold and we're in the final stretch of the end of the year. Since COVID will be forcing everyone to spend way more time than usual at home this year, why not find a way to spend time outside but in a safe and socially distanced environment.? Amazon actually sells little igloo tiny houses that are a sauna on the inside. Talk about a tiny home I can get behind. Move over hot tubs, the sauna is the new cozy activity this winter! Ah, the magic of the internet and its many prefab home options. 

You'll feel like you're on a private getaway like a fun weekend in a remote multi-room log cabin all from the comfort of your backyard. This Trailer Barrel Sauna Kit from BZB Cabins And Outdoor will fit up to 8 people inside its walls which are constructed out of Nordic Spruce Wall Logs. The best part is it's not a space ship lookalike like the geodesic domes designed by Buckminster Fuller  (just Google it). Not all eco-architecture or dome structures are homey like this igloo that will give you a fresh level of relaxation we all deserve after the year we've had. 

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It's a small house, but there's plenty of square feet for you to unwind in the heat and feel like you're totally off-grid. Assembly is required, so keep in mind that you'll probably need a couple of people to DIY the construction. But the house design is so simple, you shouldn't have any issues making the design work for you. The company has multiple designs to choose from. And don't worry, there is plenty of structural strength to make sure everyone is perfectly safe inside. There's a wood-burning stove and 13.2 Gallon Water Tank that will work together to keep the inside of the dome home nice and toasty. And you can choose between electrical or wood-burning heat. 

There are obviously plenty of inspiring uses for your outdoor area — a treehouse, chicken coops, an outdoor she-shed, an area for glamping, or more, depending on how many sq ft you have to fill. But this igloo sauna really is an investment that you'd be able to use year-round for years to come. Disclaimer: This seems like the investment we needed to make this year. Pretend you're on a cross country road trip and there's a national park outside or you're at a spa in a faraway place like Mexico City or Finland (I assume there are cool saunas at Finnish spas?). Honestly, just a new destination to spend time other than the living room couch is exciting enough!

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