Edward Mack

Edward Mack and his three siblings were all born 9 months after Willie came to town; he was rocking in the cradle to crying of a steel guitar. Of course no one really thought that he would take his country music fixation this far. But all he's ever really wanted is to find a comfortable pair of boots, listen to good music, and write. Someday, maybe, he will try and be somebody by selling some of his own songs, but for now he’s happy to be heard and seen as a country, travel, and fiction writer.

The words have come out decently, at least, for Edward in publications as varied as Latterly Magazine to Flash: The International Short Story Magazine.

The wheels turned slowly for Edward at first; he got a Masters in Creative Writing in Madrid and taught English in a University in eastern Turkey with a Fulbright scholarship—but he’s finally made it up to writing for Wide Open Country, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Because, hey, Edward is living that honky-tonk dream.