You Haven’t Lived If You Haven’t Tried This ‘Swineapple’

You read that right. The "swineapple" is what you get when you core a pineapple, stuff it full of BBQ pork ribs, wrap it all up in bacon and finally smoke it.

Why are you still reading and not rushing out immediately to make this?!

Oh, right, you need to know how to do it.

The swineapple recipe is simple.

1. Shave the pineapple but leave the top and bottom.

2. Slice it lengthwise and scoop out the core.

3. Pack that sucker with ribs (or chicken breast, if you prefer).

4. Reassemble the pineapple, dust it with your favorite seasoning and wrap it up in thick-cut bacon.

5. Smoke it at 240 degrees for two hours, dousing it with apple juice every half an hour or so to keep the bacon moist and delicious.


Facebook/Scott Leif

The swineapple will be done when the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. It's up to you if you want to leave it in longer or pull it. Some people have said that leaving it in longer over-tenderizes the meat.

And that's it! Enjoy that delicious sweet pig!

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You Haven’t Lived If You Haven’t Tried This ‘Swineapple’