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People Try Pork Snout Tacos for the First Time

Screengrab via YouTube

It seems like everyone proclaims their love for bacon any chance they get. But most people are lot less likely to wear a t-shirt boasting their admiration of livermush, chitlins or pork snout.

The team over at Buzzfeed decided to test people's love of all things pig with the pork snout taco. You've probably heard of the beef tongue taco and brain taco but the snout taco has a special essence all it's own.

Made from the cartilage and fat that comprises the snout, these tacos are soft and hairy all at once. The participants were decently surprised by the soft texture of the taco, although a little disturbed by the tiny hairs and oily feeling.

People generally came around to the idea of using the whole pig for food after a couple snout taco bites. That is, until the Buzzfeed team plopped a whole plate of pork snouts down in front of them. The results are hilarious.

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People Try Pork Snout Tacos for the First Time