10 of the Best Country Songs About Grandpas

I'll tell you something that should probably be obvious, but no one is more respected in my family than my grandpa, though God knows he'd never admit that (neither would my grandmom, grandpa told me so).  American country musicians never miss an opportunity to pay their respects to their forbearers.

Fall in love with these 10 songs for grandpas, written by your favorite singer-songwriters. They all paint a nostalgic picture of the singer's grandpa. Well, all except for one. Unsurprisingly, many of the artists are able to connect with the memories of their grandfathers through guns and fishing (this ain't a list of the best funeral songs for loved ones, after all).

10. "Grandpa" - Justin Moore

Moore's "Grandpa" is pretty standard grandpa song; he idolizes his grandfather while singing about what he taught him and the stories he told him.  The grandpa lyrics are the first of a few on this list to mention the guns the singer inherited from his grandfather.

 9. "He Walked on Water" - Randy Travis

A No. 2 hit for Randy Travis in 1990, "He Walked on Water" was a pop success, even if it wasn't a critical success. The song manages to capture the innocent eyes with which a grandson sees his grandfather.

8. "Barbed Wire Halo" - Aaron Watson

Aaron Watson wrote this song about four different men in his life that played the role of his grandfather: Grandad, Paw-Paw, John Pop and Mr. Pete. With samples from "Amazing Grace" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot," this song is deeply founded in its religious roots. Watson also may or may not owe credit to Travis' "He Walked on Water."

7. "Granddaddy's Song" - Kyle Bennett Band


The Kyle Bennett Band digs even further back with this tribute to his moonshine-running, horse-breaking great-grandfather. The song also offers possibly the best piece of advice that a great-grandfather ever gave his great-grandson: "Go raise some hell."

6. "Hero" - Sturgill Simpson

Sturgill Simpson credits his grandfather as the person who taught him to play and love country music. His "Pawpaw", Lawrence Fraley, is also the voice that opens Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. In "Hero," a track from High Top Mountain, Simpson pays tribute to his grandfather's influence and guiding light.

 5. "Love, Me" - Collin Raye


Another favorite tune about Grandpa comes from '90s country star Collin Raye.

 4. "What's Going On With Grandpa?" - The Possum Posse


The Possum Posse pulls no punches about their success: yea, they're not that popular, but they are supported by the likes of Reckless Kelly's Cody Braun and Eleven Hundred Springs. The self-described "sardonic, honky-tonk bluegrass" singers romp their way through this good timing track about their cheating (and possibly homosexual?) grandfather. Without a doubt the most clever, funniest song on this list, and the only that doesn't heroize its subject.

 3. "Grandaddy's Gun" - Rhett Akins & Dallas Davidson


The first of two songs on this list in which the singer holds on to his grandfather's memory through his gun, "Grandaddy's Gun" has since been covered by Blake Shelton and Aaron Lewis. The original version off country hit-makers Akins, Davidson, and Bobby Pinson's lifestyle album, The Bone Collector, is the most genuine.

2. "I Got the Guns" - Roger Creager

Roger Creager has to create an image of his grandfather through the guns that were passed down to him. "I Got the Guns" is a moving ballad that never strays into the sentimental while Creager learns about responsibility and becoming a man as he inherits the guns when he is eight years old.

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 1. "In Color" - Jamey Johnson


Johnson's crackling baritone is the perfect vehicle for this song's retrospective. As they look at old photographs of his grandfather's life, Johnson's voice suggests his grandfather's nostalgia without ever having to say it. "In Color" won song of the year in both 2008 and 2009, at the AMC Awards and the CMA Awards, respectively.

Honorable mention country songs about grandpa: countrified comedy song "I'm My Own Grandpa," Kenny Chesney's "Grandpa Told Me So," Cody Johnson's "The Grandpa Song" and The Judds' "Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days)"

This story first ran on Dec. 24, 2018.

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10 of the Best Country Songs About Grandpas