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How Many of These Famous Regional Sandwiches Have You Tried?

If there's one lunch item that can describe the United States as a whole, it's gotta be the sandwich. However, it's not just one sandwich to encompass the entire cuisine of America, and American sandwiches are as diverse as they are tasty. In fact, every state has their own sandwich to share and they are delicious.

Follow along as we explore 1o of America's regional sandwiches, in no particular order. Don't forget your napkins!

1. California: BLTA

As a SoCal girl, I can assure you that the BLTA is worth the hype. Probably invented in a small diner in Los Angeles, the traditional BLT gets a facelift with a few slices of creamy avocado. Once you taste one, you'll never order a traditional BLT ever again. Get the recipe here.

Another famous California sandwich is the French dip, perfected in the au jus style. You can find our recipe here.

2. Kentucky: Hot Brown

Created at the Brown Hotel in Louisville as a midnight snack, the Hot Brown has become a staple in Kentucky cuisine. An open-faced sandwich with roast turkey, bacon, juicy tomatoes, and topped with a creamy Mornay sauce. It's a midnight snack I would love to have.

Find the recipe here.

3. Indiana: Breaded Tenderloin

The BPT, a staple in the Midwest, was first cooked in Huntington, Indiana where Nick Freienstein sold the sandwiches out of a cart in 1904. It didn't take long for these fried pork tenderloin sandwiches to make their mark as a Hoosier tradition.

So much tastier than a regular club sandwich, this is one recipe you'll make time and time again. Get the recipe here.

4. Louisiana: Po' Boy

If  you find yourself in Louisiana, you've got to make a pit stop for a Po' Boy. Filled with fried seafood and topped with lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise and pickles, these sandwiches first got their start in New Orleans during the 1920s.

The traditional way to enjoy a Po' Boy is to fill it with hot roast beef, but I'm partial to the fried shrimp. Find the recipe here. Another classic Louisiana sandwich is the muffuletta, a play on an Italian beef sandwich, and you can find our recipe here.

5. Minnesota: Juicy Lucy

This Minneapolis sandwich was made for cheese lovers. Created by packing cheddar cheese in a burger patty, this sandwich is a snap to make at home. Just watch out for cheese blow-outs by flatting your patty before adding the cheese. And of course serve with a helping of french fries.

At the very least, it'll make you consider other options besides the hot dog, so put down the hot dog bun and step into the light. There's bacon. Find the recipe here.

6. Florida: Cuban Sandwich

According to Visit Florida, the first Cuban sandwich was served in Tampa's Columbia Restaurant all the way back in 1905. However, like most food origin stories, people of Miami dispute the claim, stating it was founded in Cuba and brought over.

Either way you look at it, you have to have a Cuban sandwich when visiting the Sunshine State. Made with slow cooked pork, ham, cheese, mustard and pickles make this white bread sandwich a favorite.

Find the recipe here.

7. Maine: Lobster Roll

Make your way up the coast and you'll soon find yourself in New England. Known for their beautiful and succulent lobster, it's no wonder their sandwich of choice is the lobster roll.

Made with chilled lobster in a warm bun, this sandwich is best served with a touch of mayo. That's it. Get the recipe here.

8. Maryland: Pit Beef

If you love roast beef, make your way over to Maryland to get a bite of their Pit Beef, a sandwich invented in Baltimore and piled high with rare roast beef that's been thinly sliced to perfection.

Almost like a sloppy joe, this elevated version is so simple to throw together. Dress the sandwich with horseradish and thin sliced raw onion to top it all off. Get the recipe here.

9. Pennsylvania: Philly Cheesesteak

Invented in the 1930s, the Philly Cheesesteak is a staple to the city of Philadelphia. Thinly sliced ribeye is placed inside of a crusty roll and topped with cheese - Cheez Whiz that is.

While you can order a Philly with provolone or American cheese, the whiz is the traditional topping. There's no Swiss cheese or roast pork here. Find the recipe here.

10. Texas: Brisket Sandwich

Stuffed full with scrumptious barbecued brisket, the Texas brisket sandwich is one of Texas' most popular sandwiches. Whether you're from Illinois, Massachusetts, or New York, there's a good chance that trying a brisket sandwich is on your bucket list.

Whether you put pickles on it or just a touch of sauce, a true brisket sandwich is always served with a delicious hamburger bun. Get the recipe here.

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