Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

Bulleit Whiskey's Neon Bottle Art is an Ode to America's Bright Lights

This holiday season, Bulleit Frontier Whiskey is bringing back the art form of the neon sign to the United States. What brings images to mind of the Old Vegas strip sparkling in its hayday and tacky memorabilia lighting up dive bars is about to become a whiskey lover's collector item. In an effort to support the art of neon, Bulleit has announced the release of their limited edition collection featuring neon signs in Bulleit bottles, called Neon in a Bottle.

Neon glass bottles sound a bit out of the ordinary, and for good reason. You won't find any rare casks or special limited releases here. Rather, Neon in a Bottle is a cultural artist backing that is part of the Bulleit Frontier Works program and stems from Bulleit bourbon bottles.

Through the program of the whiskey neon bottles, Bulleit is working with artists who embody the company's spirit while shinning light on their art. Sophie Kelly, Sr. Vice President of North American Whiskeys at Diageo - the company that owns Bulleit - stated in a press release,

"Through the Bulleit Frontier Works program we've united those on the cultural frontier who embody the spirit of our brand. The collaborations connect modern makers, celebrate the unified work and provide a platform to shine a light on their craft, creation and remarkable vision."

In their recent Frontier Works Neon Project, Bulleit is specifically seeking to fuel neon light. And what better way to do that than by decorating their whiskey bottles with neon signs. Collaborating with "The Neon Queen" herself, neon artist Lisa Schulte - along with select Saatchi artists - designed Bulleit's 13-piece neon bottle collection.

While you might be expecting your typical bottle of Bulleit with a neon label plastered to the sides, this is anything but. Schulte herself artistically crafted hand-blown glass, then labeled each one with a neon phrase featuring words like "grit", "neat", and "spirits". There are even inspirational messages in the neon whiskey bottles, and art lovers will want to collect every one.

This is the second Frontier Works Neon Project Bulleit has commissioned with Schulte. The first - along with artist Brendan Donnelly - was a 26-foot dynamic neon billboard located in downtown Los Angeles at the historic Grand Central Market in Downtown. The construction of this project invigorated Bulleit's spirit to bring forth the lost art of neon in America.

Bulleit Frontier Works NEON Project Billboard

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey

If you're wondering where you can purchase these neon bottles, you should know you won't be able to find them at your local whiskey retailer. The neon sign restoration inside Bulleit rye bottles will be available for sale exclusively through Saatchi Art and are perfect for a man cave. There is one catch.

You should probably also know it's going to be a pretty penny, since each crafted bottle costs $1000 a pop. Not exactly cheap, but for the whiskey lover in your family who has everything, you know they don't have this. At least not yet. Now that's true love.

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