Our Signature Pecan Cream Pie Cocktail Goes Perfectly with Christmas Cookies

The holiday season is in full swing, and this year, we're skipping the traditional pecan pie for something much easier to whip up in the kitchen. Put your grandmother's pecan pie recipe back in your recipe box and step away from those pre-made pie shells. This year, you won't need to worry about a graham cracker crust or pulling out the electric mixer. So if you're not making a real pecan pie recipe this year, how are you supposed to get your pecan fix? With our new favorite cocktail, the Pecan Cream Pie, of course!

For Thanksgiving, we made our favorite Apple Pie Moonshine Punch, but this is the cocktail recipe that'll get you through Christmas. By combining Sugarlands Distilling Co.'s Butter Pecan Cream Liqueur with cream soda, you can experience one of Sugarlands' favorite magic tricks. When you take your first sip of this delightfully fizzy cocktail that's almost like an ice cream float, you'll taste the rich sweetness that comes from the perfect blend of cream soda and butter pecan. Breathe out through your mouth, and the warm, caramel taste of pecans will fill you with nostalgia.

To make this drink your own, feel free to play around with adding a dash of maple syrup instead of vanilla extract, or a tiny drop of chocolate syrup for a chocolate pecan pie cocktail. You don't even need to pull out a mixing bowl to enjoy one of your favorite Thanksgiving desserts all year long. This tasty, golden brown cocktail will warm your bones without overwhelming you with booze.

We decided to rim our cocktail with butterscotch caramel syrup, which was found near the ice cream aisle. We also used a small pie plate, but you can also use a small bowl if the bottom surface is flat and can fit the full rim of your glass. However, you can choose to use a simple syrup and rim the cocktail with brown sugar or even powdered sugar for a Christmas effect.

For our Pecan Cream Pie recipe, see our exclusive recipe page here.

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