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This is the World's Best Cheese

You love cheese. We know you do. If you don't love it, consider the fact that cheese is supposedly good for your health. Beyond its healthy properties, you can also prepare it in endless ways. There's the classic (and delightful) cheeseboard. You can put it on sandwiches, in soups, and on tacos. Cows' milk can be used for cheese, obviously, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Between goat cheese and sheep cheese and other more exotic varieties, there simply must be a taste out there that you like.

If you want to start at the top, though, and sample the world's best cheese then we have some good news. We're going to teach you about the world's best cheese.

The world's best cheese is called Cornish Kern. Were you expecting the world's best to come from France or, perhaps, Italy? Us too, but we were wrong; it comes from England. To be more specific, Cornish Kern comes from Cornwall. It was recently dubbed the Supreme Champion of the 2017 World Cheese Awards.

Cornish Kern is produced by Lynher Dairies. Lynher has made award-winning cheeses in the past, too.

In 2013, their nettle-wrapped cheese (otherwise known as yarg) won the Best English Cheese title at the International Cheese Awards. Like Lynher's yarg, Cornish Kern comes from cow milk. It also has a remarkably dark rind.

Food & Wine describes Cornish Kern as having  "buttery" and "caramel" tasting notes. It's based on Alpine starter cultures and is made similarly to Gouda. All in all, the Cornish Kern is aged for 16 months. The final product is somewhat dry and a bit flaky.

Cornish Kern beat out roughly 3,000 other cheeses hailing from 35 countries. A total of 250 experts judge the selections. The next time that you are trying to impress family, friends, or a date, consider reaching for some English cheese. If you can find Cornish Kern, you'll certainly have a talking point.

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