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So No One Can Correctly Pronounce La Croix

This just in: Zero percent of the American population knows how to pronounce the name of one of the nation's most popular bubbly beverages correctly. It doesn't matter that sparkling water isn't all that great for your teeth; in the last few years, La Croix has become a household name, albeit one that most of us mispronounce regularly.

We're sure that you have your own way of pronouncing it, and we're sure you have a coworker who really knows the way it should be said. "Actually, it's pronounced luh croy." Snarky coworkers aside, Jimmy Fallon went around asking people how they pronounce La Croix. The responses were hilarious.

Fallon is reading through his audience's suggestions, finding one that reads, "Hey Jimmy it seems like no one knows how to pronounce the sparkling water La Croix. Is that true or is that just me?"

Thus, they conducted an experiment. They sent someone down to the streets to ask people about La Croix, pronouncing it differently each time. The game was to see whether they'd notice he was changing how he said it.

"Have you heard of La Crowix?" the gentleman asks. Other pronunciations include L.A. Croys, Le Quaff, La Croweeix, and La La Croisha. Some people repeat what he says back, and others don't even bat an eye at his absurd words.

"And what about Los Angeles Croy?" he asks.

"Love it," a woman replies. When he asks another woman if she's tried Lil' Crudboy, she replies with a simple "yeah." It's all ludicrous, and if you watch it in public people will probably wonder why you're laughing out loud at your laptop screen.

Mashable Watercooler's YouTube channel also did an experiment with this. They tossed people a La Croix and asked them what it's called. "Everybody else says it la croy, so that's why I say it la croy," one woman says.

That seems to be the consensus. You call it what you hear other people call it. Yes, there must be a true way to say it. For now, though, we'll stick to The Tonight Show's suggestion of La Color Corroish Asoish.

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