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Send Your Favorite Nephew a ‘Ralphie Bunny Suit’ For Christmas

I'm with Ralphie's dad on this one. Ralphie did look like a deranged Easter bunny in his bunny suit. However, Ralphie's mom thought he looked too adorable in it. Oh, poor Ralphie, you pink nightmare. I can't wait to relive this scene over and over again. And yes, over and over again because TBS is bound to play 'A Christmas Story' for 24 hours straight again.

'A Christmas Story' is a classic movie! Kids, if you ever ask for a BB gun for Christmas and your mom says, "You'll shoot your eye out," it's because of this movie. It's iconic. From the Red Ryder BB gun, leg lamp, frozen tongue on the pole, and more. Although Ralphie's bunny suit is quite hilarious.

1. Briefly Stated A Christmas Story Bunny Union Suit Pajama Costume

  • Pricing: $60 ($47 at Walmart for toddler sizes)
  • Ships from the United States
  • Bunny suit has mittens & headpiece with bunny ears

You can find the pink bunny suit and look like a pink nightmare this Christmas. The bodysuit is Amazon Prime eligible, so take advantage of 2-day delivery and grab it early and take hilarious Christmas card pictures in your new onesie. Not only is the bunny costume a great piece for Christmas, but it'll also double as a fantastic Halloween costume one day.

I highly recommended placing the Christmas Story bunny costume under the Christmas tree as a gag gift. Tell your siblings that Santa (or Aunt Clara) brought this by early just for them.

The Ralphie bunny suit customer reviews are amazing! An Amazon customer gave the pink bunny pajamas a five-star rating and said he wore it to a Halloween party and plans on wearing it to Christmas and Easter celebrations! This is going to be a collectible one day, y'all.

2. A Christmas Story House Inflatable for Lawn

Okay, maybe the Ralphie pink bunny suit isn't for you. If you still want to bring 'A Christmas Story' to your Xmas celebration, consider home decor. Amazon is selling an inflatable 'A Christmas Story Ralphie.' The neighbors will love the jumpsuit inflatable.

3. Ripple Junction A Christmas Story Shot My Eye Out Adult T-Shirt

This shirt is a must for Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas!

This post was originally published on November 3, 2020.

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