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Getting Ready For Season 4? Use This 'Yellowstone' Whiskey Glass To Knock Back Any Worries Over the Dutton Family's Fate


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We're getting closer and closer to the premiere of Yellowstone's Season 4. With so many cliffhangers to be resolved (what about Beth?), you're going to need a strong drink to keep you in your seat throughout these TV show thrills. There's no better cup to fill than this Yellowstone Whiskey Glass.

Watching 'Yellowstone' and drinking whiskey are two things that go hand-in-hand. There's no better way to feel like you're right in the action at Dutton Ranch than with this whiskey glass. It'll make you feel as stoic as John, but if you've got traits of Beth's, then there is something for you too. Read on.

Funny Yellowstone Whiskey Glass

Yellowstone TV Dutton Ranch Bozeman Montana - Old Fashioned Crystal Whiskey Glass, Rocks Shot Glass, Bourbon Glass - 10 oz capacity - Made in the USA

This old-fashioned glass is a great piece of drinkware to serve up your favorite Kentucky bourbon whiskey, rye, or another Wild Western spirit. Something tells me the Duttons wouldn't be using this as a scotch glass, but that choice is yours.


Great gift box item for the 'Yellowstone' fan in your life. If you're the 'Yellowstone' fan in your life, consider this like getting your own brand and add it to your wishlist today.

Unfortunately, this is not a whiskey glass set and just comes with a single whiskey rocks glass. So, if the Jimmy to your Rip is coming by for a cocktail, consider picking up an extra glass.

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Classic Live Like John Fight Like Rip Love Like Kayce And Don't Make Me Go Beth On You Tumbler

If you've got yourself a Beth Dutton doppelganger who prefers something less fragile than a cocktail glass, check out this funny tumbler. The 30-ounce volume is sure to keep your favorite distillers happy, particularly if your special person really does drink like Beth.


Pint Glasses by Black Lantern - Handmade Can Shaped Craft Beer Glasses and Bar Glassware - Yellowstone National Park Topographic Map Design (Set of Two 16oz. Glasses)

Alright, so these drinking glasses aren't directly from the TV show, but they do outline an entire topographic map of the famous park that borders Dutton Ranch. Consider this a great way to get even more immersive context for the show.

Purchase these glasses in combination with the Dutton Ranch old-fashioned whiskey glasses and have yourself a personalized Yellowstone kitchen & dining barware theme. Or, make an Amazon gift set for your favorite Dutton fan.

Check out these Yellowstone Whiskey glasses and more merch before the show premiers its upcoming fourth season!

This post was originally published on June 24, 2021.


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