The Best 'Yellowstone' TikToks To Keep You Entertained Until Season 5


Yellowstone fans are on another level. There are some hardcore fanatics that pretty much live and breath Yellowstone, and for a very good reason might I say. It's a great show that has captivated the hearts of many, and something tells me this is just the beginning.

I am indeed a Yellowstone fan and I'm eagerly waiting for Season 5 to drop just like others. In the meantime, I will go back and watch the show from time to time on Paramount Plus, but my favorite thing to do is see fans react to the show itself. Which is why I had the idea of going on TikTok to see what Yellowstone content is out there.

As expected, TikTok is full of Yellowstone videos, so I had enough to fill my Rip Wheeler and Kayce Dutton needs. But as I was scrolling through my ForYouPage, I found some pretty interesting TikToks. You have the look-alike videos, the opinion videos, the fan base videos, and of course your love story videos.


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For example, there are a lot of people who play around with the idea of becoming more Western after watching each season. They film themselves slowly evolving to the Yellowstone theme. I mean let's face it, once you watch four seasons of the show you pretty much want to become a cowboy just like them. It's addicting, but maybe it's something we do voluntarily.

Take for example Jenny McCartney, who filmed her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, watching the show all dressed up in cowboy gear. It's good to know that even celebrities are as obsessed with Yellowstone as we are.


By far one of my favorite Tiktok videos is from user @ranchwifelife who gave her own personal opinion about how fans are reacting to Monica, who is played by Kelsey Asbille. In the video, she explains how she isn't the villain, rather just a mother who is worried about her son's safety, due to him being kidnapped. Sorry, spoiler alert for those who haven't watched the show. But, it's a very emotional episode, so I totally agree with this user, because for a while Monica was getting a little heat from fans.

After I watched her video, I understood her perspective and now see Monica in a different way. It's videos like these that you don't think about, but really make you question the show a little differently. This is why I love seeing fans come up with their own perspectives on the show.

Of course, other videos obsess over Rip and Beth Dutton's love storyline, which I am here for. Their love is definitely unique, bold, and strong, which is why a lot of people can't get over them. Several users compare Rip's emotions and values towards Beth to others, saying that no one should settle for anything less.


Then of course you have other videos that include music from the show, which is one of my favorite videos to see because I get to explore a new artist. The show has incredible music and producers are always eager to feature new artists. Honestly, these videos give me a little serotonin boost while I wait for the new season.

Anyway, I'll let you enjoy more TikTok videos below to fill your Yellowstone need. Don't blame me if you become obsessed.


Best Country Songs from Yellowstone - Part 1 #yellowstonetv #country #yellowstone

? original sound - The Country Jukebox


@isaactakespics can?t go anywhere without getting confused for Casey #fyp #foryou #yellowstone #caseydutton #wildlifephotography

? Yellowstone Theme - Brian Tyler


@Yellowstone #yellowstone #cowboy

? Yellowstone Theme - Brian Tyler



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? Yellowstone Theme - Brian Tyler


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? Original Ramalama Remix Davis Jackson - Davis


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? original sound - RideWithRyan8


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