'Yellowstone' Recap: Will Beth and John's Relationship Survive?


Warning: spoilers ahead for season four of Yellowstone. 

It's hard to believe the highly anticipated fourth season of Yellowstone is almost over. The stakes have been incredibly high all season long and it feels like everything has been building to a shocking conclusion in next week's season finale. In episode nine, "No Such Thing as Fair," it seems like everything Beth has been working towards begins to crumble. Her relationship her father hits a low point, Kayce works on his own growth out on the reservation, Jimmy's time in Texas comes to an end, and Jamie gets put in a tight spot.

Read on for our five main takeaways from episode nine of Yellowstone.

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1. Beth and John are at odds

After last week's crazy episode, it makes sense that Beth is furious at her father for risking his life to save others by entering a diner as it was being robbed. After all, John has been recovering following his coma and has been working on healing.

But things really get tough when John finds out that Beth and Summer were working together behind the scenes and that it was his daughter who encouraged Summer to get attention from national news cameras. Their argument escalates to the point where John tells Beth that maybe she shouldn't be at the Yellowstone until the situation cools down. Does this mean she/Rip/Carter have been kicked out? There's a particularly painful scene where Beth has Walker play her a sad song and she just cries and cries in the barn. Interested to see what happens with this entire situation next week.

2. John is looking like he's totally getting the governor's seat

In Jamie's eyes, John risking his life to save people at the diner helps John's campaign for governor. Once Jamie admits to Christina that his birth father (Garrett Randall) is actually a murderer who served time for killing his birth mother, she tells him he needs to make a choice. Christina says if Jamie wants any chance of winning, he needs to put as much distance as possible between himself and Randall.

3. Summer is facing life in prison

When Beth told Summer to "take one for the team," Summer delivered. Now she's facing a life sentence for assault and battery of a police officer. When John finds out she got those directions from Beth, he vows to help her no matter what. He even plans on cashing in on a favor he's owed to get help from the judge who'll be overseeing her case.


Did Summer's sacrifice do the trick in attracting national news? Will outlets from New York show up ready to cover the fact that Market Equities is building a massive airport just miles from a national park? We'll have to find out next week. But for her sake...I hope so.

4. John and Garrett Randall cross paths

I will say, I've been waiting for this meeting all season and.... it was a bit anticlimactic? John essentially tells Garrett that he's to blame for his wife turning to drugs, which didn't seem to make Garrett too happy. John also said he raised Jamie with love and respect, which makes me wonder...will John and Jamie have a chance to reconcile?

5. Jimmy's done with cowboy school

It seems like Jimmy just got down to Texas but his contract with 6666 is already over, which means his romance with Emily is also over. Or is it? With that Yellowstone brand on his chest, he's obliged to go back to John Dutton. Jimmy knows he owes John and wants to hold up his end of the bargain.

Despite the pending move, Emily vows to wait for Jimmy. I'm not sure what the future holds for these two, but I'm rooting for them!


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