Ian Bohen, Denim Richards and Jefferson White on 'Stories from the Bunkhouse'
'Stories from the Bunkhouse' via YouTube

'Yellowstone' Bunkhouse Boys Play 'Is This a Country Song' Game, How Well Did They Do?

Yellowstone's Ian Bohen, Denim Richards and Jefferson White dropped by an episode of Stories from the Bunkhouse, the series's chatty YouTube show, for a game of Is This a Country Song? All three actors have played Dutton ranch hands since the first season of the Taylor Sheridan Paramount Western, but their country music recognition appears not to have graduated past lowly stablehand.

Bohen (the loyal Ryan), Richards (Colby) and White (fan-favorite Jimmy) scored pretty low marks all-around, but Bohen was at least successful in pinpointing "Heart Like a Truck" by country star Lainey Wilson, who plays his new love interest in the series.

"Lainey Wilson is an absolute treasure," Bohen gushed, adding that the acting novice was a total natural on set. "She's the best acting partner, you know, for a first-timer that you could ever ask for."

As for Kinky Friedman's "Get Your Biscuits in the Oven and Your Buns in the Bed," let's just say the guys were completely caught off guard. Watch for yourself:

Their less-than-stellar performance didn't put the guys off of some good-old behind-the-scenes insights, however. They dished on the show's recent spring gather sequence, which dramatizes the annual process of collecting cow-calf pairs from the range and bringing them in to be branded and vaccinated. It's an all-night herding mission conducted on every real-life ranch. And the process of shooting the sequence was nearly as involved as the real thing. It took the team 10 days to shoot.

"It was so big," said Richards, explaining the first time he grasped the sheer vastness of the scene and the landscape. "There was a moment where we're kind of setting up cameras and our horses are facing toward the barn, but we're like a half a mile out. And you just kinda like take it all in. You're like, 'My goodness. This is just large.' It's gonna be pretty epic to watch."

White, for his part, cops to having felt plenty of pinch-me moments since joining the series in 2018: "Those are those moments that we've experienced over the last five years where your character and you line up perfectly and you look around and you're like, 'Wait a second. I'm actually out here doing this.'"

As far as we know, the Yellowstone cast is indeed experiencing something close to the real thing when portraying life on a ranch. And it's something they're well-prepared for. After all, what do you think they're doing at all those cowboy camps? Certainly not quizzing each other on country song titles. (Although, let's be real, can't you totally see Kelly Reilly's Beth doling out flashcards?)

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