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Did '1883' Give Away the Ending of 'Yellowstone'?

Warning, spoilers ahead for Yellowstone and its prequel series 1883.

If you're a Yellowstone fan, you probably watched the new prequel spinoff 1883 wondering how the origin story of the Dutton family would eventually tie back to the main show's characters led by Kevin Costner. The Duttons met many interesting people on the wagon train that faced the rigorous Wild West with an amazing cast bringing the epic western tale to life — Faith Hill, LaMonica Garrett, Sam Elliott, Eric Nelsen, James Landry Hébert, Marc Rissmann, and more. While there have been many fan theories about the future of the series, this particular fan on Reddit may have figured it all out.

1883 Finale

Graham Greene as Spotted Eagle and Tim McGraw as James of the Paramount+ original series 1883

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Let's take a step back to recap the tragic 1883 season finale where Elsa Dutton (Isabel May) was dying from a Lakota arrow wound as her family finally arrives in Montana, their journey west finally coming to an end. Her father, James (Tim McGraw), tries to find somewhere to lay her to rest where his family can also settle down and be near her forever. A friendly Crow American Indian, Spotted Eagle (Graham Greene), offers James a peaceful valley on his people's land. But warns him that in seven generations they will rise up to reclaim what is theirs. James, desperate to let Elsa pick her resting place, agrees.

The Future of Yellowstone

So how does all of that affect the future Duttons? Let's do some math. James Dutton was John Dutton's (Costner) great-great grandfather and his son John Dutton Sr (Audie Rick) was his great-grandfather. So that means, John is the fifth generation of Duttons and his children, Beth and Kayce (Jamie was adopted), are the sixth. So that means Kayce's son Tate is the seventh generation, when the Crow ancestors are expected to take back the Yellowstone Ranch that John has been so desperate to maintain.

Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton and Breckin Merrell as Tate Dutton on 'Yellowstone'

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We've suspected for awhile that creator Taylor Sheridan was going to make Tate Dutton central to the future of the series, but in what way? We aren't completely certain that Broken Rock Reservation is comprised of the Crow ancestors but, assuming that it is, that means that Tate is a descendant of both the Crows and the Duttons. If we remember in Yellowstone season 4, Kayce has a vision on his personal journey with the Broken Rock tribe. He tells his wife Monica that he has seen 'the end of them' but we aren't sure what that means. Do they break up? Does something happen to Tate?

It seems Sheridan has had his original series well thought out from the very beginning, long before his Yellowstone spinoffs were greenlit. Perhaps we'll get more information on what happened between the original Duttons and their Crow neighbors in the new episodes of 1883 that were announced or the second upcoming Yellowstone prequel 1932. Either way, we have a feeling Paramount Network is going to be full of surprises as we continue watching the Duttons' incredible story unfold.

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