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Whole Foods Market's 12 Days of Cheese Sale is Happening Right Now

If you are a cheese connoisseur or just a lover of cheese, make your way to your local Whole Foods Market and grab a cart. You're going to want to stock up on these out-of-this-world deals on your favorite cheeses. Think of the 12 Days of Cheese as an adult advent calendar. From December 8th to the 19th, Whole Foods Market will be offering their highest quality cheeses at a discount rate of 50 percent off.

The cheeses were chosen by Whole Foods Market's global cheese buyer and by the company's Certified Cheese Professionals (how does one become a Cheese Professional and where can I sign up). Whole Foods Market's Global Executive Coordinator of Specialty and Product Innovation & Development Cathy Strange stated, "We have selected a flavorful and diverse set of cheeses for every holiday celebration," and also goes on to comment, "We're thrilled to offer these exciting cheeses at a great value, so customers can enjoy these special items while stretching their dollar."

The 12 Days of Cheese Deals

Whole Foods

Each of these twelve cheeses are go with a wine expertly paired by Whole Foods Market's Master Sommelier, Devon Broglie.

1. Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog

Cypress Grove Chevre Humboldt Fog

Whole Foods Market

This handcrafted soft-ripened goat cheese features a ribbon of vegetable ash down the middle of the wedge.

We suggest drizzling this creamy cheese with honey and a slice of prosciutto. When fully mature, this cheese is best served with a Zinfandel or a Pinot Noir.

2. Epoisse selected by Herve Mons

Known as a "stinky but incredibly lovable" cheese this epoisses is a super creamy cheese with a hint of bacon. Serve on a toasty baguette with a glass of Chardonnay.

3. Bonne Bouche Vermont Creamery

12 Days of Cheese

Whole Foods Market

Made with pasteurized goat milk, this ash-ripened goat cheese is light and fluffy with small notes of citrus. Serve this cheese with a glass of Rosé and a handful of chocolate almonds.

4. Cheddar Montgomery's from Neal's Yard Dairy

Whole Foods Market Montgomery Cheddar Neals Yard Dairy

Whole Foods Market

Produced in the UK, this cheddar is known for its rich and meaty flavor profile. In fact, some say it reminds them of the "caramelized edge of a Sunday roast." A glass of chardonnay or even a glass of apple cider would pair nicely with this cheese.

5. Enraptured Blue from Rogue Creamery

This award-winning cheese from southern Oregon is exclusive to Whole Foods, so consider this the time to try it out if you're a fan of the tangier blues. It pairs exceptionally well with a Malbec, preferably one from Washington to bring the Pacific Northwest to your door.

6. Gabietou selected by Herve Mons

Herve Mons Gabietou

Whole Foods Market

A blend of cow's and sheep milk make up this semi-soft French cheese. Dense and mellow, this cheese is best served with a Burgundy.

7. Grand Cru Reserve

This alpine-style cheese is characterized by its robust and full-bodied taste. Pair with fresh apples or melt over potatoes. Serve with a glass of dry Riesling.

8. Rapin Le Marechal

Produced by a single family in Switzerland, this cheese is reminiscent of a Gruyère with a texture of a hard, pressed cheese. Serve this cheese with olives and a glass (or bottle) of Sauvignon Blanc.

9. Cellars at Jasper Hill Hartwell

Cellars At Jasper Hill Aged Clothbound Cabot Cheddar

Whole Foods Market

Named for a pond in Vermont, this classic soft cheese elates flavors of floral and apple. A bottle of dry cider or a glass of Rosé would pair beautifully with this cheese.

10. Ubriaco del Piave

Produced in Italy, this cow's milk cheese has a beautiful purple rind from being preserved in fermented wine. Serve with a bubbly glass of Prosecco.

11. Pleasant Ridge Reserve Uplands Cheese

Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve Hard Cheese

Whole Foods Market

Made in America, this alpine-style cheese is the most awarded cheese in American History. Rich with layers of caramel and nuts make this cheese perfect for cheese platters and a glass of champagne.

12. Truffle Gouda Klare Melk from Dutch Cheesemakers 

Produced exclusively for Whole Foods Markets, this raw milk cheese from Holland is filled with flecks of black truffle. A glass of Pinot Noir would pair beautifully with it.

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