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Whole Foods Opened Their First Ever Mac and Cheese Bar

Whole Foods has been front and center in the news recently, starting with their purchase by Amazon and the ensuing price slashing (hello cheap avocados!). The organic grocery store empire has been working hard to build a positive brand, positioning itself to be way more than a casual place to go shopping.

They've officially crossed over into restaurant territory with their new Union Station market in downtown Denver, and there's an amazing reason to be excited about it. In addition to the three on-site restaurants, they have decided to do the greatest thing ever - they're opening a mac and cheese bar.

The story went completely viral, fans tweeting and re-posting to ask the grocery giant to get one in every store ASAP! This isn't just about carbs and cheese, oh no it's so much more than that.

Whole Foods has certainly hot bars before, serving everything from eggplant parmesan to yucca fries and chicken wings. Although they have teased us with mac and cheese bars in the past (celebrating National Mac & Cheese Day at their North Las Vegas store back in 2015), we haven't heard another peep about mac and cheese since Denver Post's announcement in early October.

We're talking about make your own mac, as well as several pre-made mac and cheese varieties. Their four-foot wide mac and cheese bar will have the good-old traditional mac, as well as some fun varieties.

To start, Whole Foods plans to play around with roasted tomatoes and BBQ pulled pork, and they even plan to have a vegan-friendly mac and cheese. Their build-your-own mac will feature chef-inspired recipes like bacon and blue cheese, and maybe even lobster.

The new Whole Foods is partnering up with other restaurant vendors through its "Friends of Whole Foods" campaign. The signed-on restaurants include Birdcall (selling friend chicken sandwiches), Whole Food's own Allegro Coffee Roasters, and Tel Aviv Street Foods (offering up falafel and schwarma).

Whole Foods, 1701 Wewatta St, Denver, Colorado.

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