You Can Now Buy Whataburger James Avery Charms

Attention all Whataburger fans! The burger chain have partnered with James Avery to create a Whataburger-themed charm.

The rumors started on Facebook last Friday (Oct. 6) when Red Beard Mantiques, an antiques store outside San Antonio, told fans that they could win a prize for sharing a post about a James Avery Whataburger charm.

The assertion that there would soon be James Avery charms for the popular Texan burger chain had people losing their ever-loving minds.

The post went viral, racking up nearly 25,000 shares and over 10,000 comments.

Whataburger issued a press release on Monday making the announcement.

"When we were thinking of new offerings, we instantly got excited about connecting two Texas brands that people grow up knowing and loving - Whataburger and James Avery." said Mike Sobel, Whataburger Vice President of Retail. "If you love Texas and Whataburger, you're going to love this charm."

The Whataburger charm, along with a necklace and charm bracelet, is available now at, where fans of the Texas burger chain can get such offerings as a beach blanket shaped like Whataburger Fries, or a mouse pad that looks like a Whataburger ketchup packet.

They also sell a five pack of table tents, presumably so you can stop stealing the ones they give out at the restaurant, but we bet you're not gonna.


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