New Study Shows Whataburger Has the Most Dedicated Customers


Good news, Whataburger addicts! A new study backs up most Texans' claim that the beloved burger chain has the most dedicated customers around.

According to a new study from 1010data, Whataburger had the "highest share of transactions in the fast casual burger space." They also found that the company's customers were the most dedicated, making purchases twice as often as those who regularly bought from other chains. Yes, the addiction is real, folks.

And this is a pretty big deal when you consider just how popular fast casual and gourmet burgers have become in recent years. There's a lot of competition these days, but Whataburger has still managed to grow its dedicated fanbase while keeping long-term customers happy.

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It's no surprise to see the Texas-based company gaining ground on its competitors. They've forged a bond with customers through social media, including contests like the recent #BurgerVerse contest. Plus, you know, their food is pretty great too. (Hey, even U2 agrees!)

You can see how the chain stacks up to Shake Shack, Five Guys and more by reading the full study here.

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