This Texas Home for Sale Has a Bizarre Interior That’s Going Viral


There's a brick home with five bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms on the market in Richmond, Texas. The gated, two-acre property is just 30 miles southwest of Houston and comes with an asking price of $1,275,000. So far, so normal.

But it's what's inside, in this case, the counts the most. At least one former resident had an affinity for art, mannequins and thrift store finds. This eclectic collection isn't stored in the garage or a couple of walk-in closets. Instead, it's strewn throughout the house, sometimes hung on walls or nailed to the ceiling.

Some of these treasures would have folk-art charm in a different context. Other goodies will bring back '80s nostalgia for sure, even if there might be way too much of a normally good thing.

There's more to the story than the presence of unusual belongings. It's the placement of these, um, decorations. Mannequins both clothed and nude abound throughout the home.

To be fair, the house and the collection that comes with it look clean. There's no hoarder nightmare story here. Instead, it's a case of some people's trash having been an eclectic and creative person's treasures.

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