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Hallmark's Wes Brown Combines Love of Music, Movies in 'Every Time a Bell Rings' [Interview]

Wes Brown is no stranger to the TV world; he's become a staple of one of the biggest TV networks we all love to indulge in. Besides starring in HBO's True Blood, the Hallmark leading man has been in several fan-favorite movies such as Love Under the Stars, Christmas in Mississippi, Wedding at Graceland, Over the Moon in Love, Sweet Pecan Summer, and he most recently starred in Every Time A Bell Rings.

This time around, Brown didn't only get to star in the film, but he also dove into the music world, providing an original song for the movie. The actor plays Liam, who is a lifelong friend to sisters Nora (Ali Lieber), Emily (Brittany Ishibashi), and Charlotte (Erin Cahill) following their journey as they reunite in their hometown for Christmas after the passing of their father. With the help of Liam, the sisters set off on a scavenger hunt following clues that their father left behind. In the film, Brown's character performs an original song that he wrote specifically for the movie. The actor stated that he wanted the song, "A Natchez Christmas Eve" to perfectly depict Natchez.

"Writing a song for the movie is really a pinch yourself moment. To hear it sprinkled out throughout the whole film and then to get to play is great," he told Wide Open Country. "My two biggest loves are music and film making, so when I get to combine them it's a blessing. I feel very, very lucky for them to allow me to do that because they could have easily just told me no. But it's a lot of fun because music is something that's been with me for years. I was playing in bands before I ever wanted to be an actor so the fact that I am starting to bring that back little by little is great."

This isn't the first time fans have heard the actor sing. Last year he released a Holiday EP with four special songs, "Holly, Jolly Christmas," "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, "The Christmas Song," and an original song called "Snowed in With You." The actor revealed that he is actually heading to the studio to record some more songs. Brown stated, "It's pretty special that TV is bringing my love for music back. Hopefully, this is just the beginning, the Christmas EP was a little more jazzier and piano-driven, for this it was a mix of country and bluegrass so that was special too! We'll see. Put me in the songwriting world, it's fun!"

Every Time The Bell Rings was actually Brown's 14th movie with Hallmark, but it's only the beginning for the actor. According to Brown, he is more than excited to continue his work with the fan-favorite network. "As an actor, you really want a home. It's really special the way that I felt about Hallmark, because back in 2009 when I first booked a movie, I thought of it just as just another gig. So to see how it's evolved into not just a job, but a family and its business, it's amazing."

Of course, you can expect to see Brown in more Christmas movies, because well, just like us, he can't get enough to them either!

"One of the coolest things about Christmas and what we do is that we have a lot of traditions, and the fact we get to still work and be part of other people's traditions is amazing," he continued. "This might sound cheesy you know, but we are making movies that are memorable to people, they look forward to them every year. So it's really special being part of this company and this brand."

As far as what is next, Brown stated he has several writing projects under his belt, including teaming up with Hallmark actress Ali Liebert to write a new movie, as well as teaming up with Disney Channels' Chase Ramsey and Beau Black to write a special Christmas musical. But despite his busy schedule, the actor did note he was enjoying the holiday season with his family these last few weeks of December.

Brown is married to Amanda Moye Brown, who, much like him, works in the entertainment industry. The couple married on May 2, 2018, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and share a beautiful daughter, Merrideth Brown, who was born n September of 2009. Living outside of New York City, Brown revealed he enjoyed doing the traditional holiday outings, including cutting down their own tree and ice-skating in Central Park. Yes, right out of a Hallmark dream!