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Wendy's and MoonPie Are the Next Great American Love Story

Social media reputations are important to food brands now more than ever. While we've laughed scrolling through Whataburger's Twitter feed more than once, we've also kept up with the odd trends about Pop-Tarts, and the blasphemous things this Texan had to say about the state's most beloved foods. Wendy's has been crushing the Twitter game for awhile now, but one interaction grabbed our attention in the best way.

It seems that MoonPie might've had a small crush on Wendy before reaching out on Twitter in what became the most heartwarming interaction we've ever seen. Watch it unfold on National Compliment Day.

Did this thread give you the warm and fuzzies? It did for a lot of Twitter users, who couldn't help but chime in for this sweet pairing of two great American treats. Now, how can we get MoonPie-flavored Frosty at Wendy's?

The first step is asking! We'll keep you updated on this sweet American love story. But for now, we'd love to highlight this hilarious graphic from user @Swatercolour.

So the next time you feel like giving someone a compliment, follow in Wendy's and MoonPie's footsteps. After all, there's no time like the present!

What other brands would you love to see in bed together? Not literally, of course, but I can think of a few mix-ups that would be delicious. How about you?

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