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This Texan Compared Barbecue to an Ash Tray. The Backlash Was Real.

Texans, some of us Texans' favorite foods like sweet tea and barbecue were just described as "pond water" and "ash tray." Most Texans adore our national foods of barbecue, Tex Mex, and sweet tea. So, it takes a strong or crazy soul to stand up to the masses and declare his dislike of these revered foods.

In San Antonio, one such man took to Twitter and did just that. Brian Olson started a thread on July 8 featuring  "Texas, American and SA foods everyone likes that are trash."

Some of the Texas staples on his list: sweet tea, Texas barbecue, and guacamole. Here's the whole Twitter thread:

While many claim that he only did it for the mentions, Olson told the San Antonio Express-News that he genuinely finds these foods repulsive.

"I hope I don't become the most hated man in Texas now. People are saying I did it to get attention, but I genuinely don't like the things on the list."


Despite growing up in Texas and insisting that he likes other staples like Whataburger, Fiesta, and the Spurs, Twitter followers aren't happy with his list of hated Texan foods.

The Backlash

Despite the unexpected backlash for his food preferences, there's one thing Olson wants to be clear about: He's lived in Texas since he was eight-years-old and therefore considers himself a true Texan.

This post was originally published in July 2017.

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