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10 Reasons to Visit Fiesta Mart, the Beloved Texas Market

I have lived in Austin since I had single digits in my age, and as I previously mentioned in another article, when we moved here and my mother realized that there were no Trader Joe's, she immediately set out to find a replacement supermarket and quickly settled on Fiesta Mart. Aside from the fact I'm sure this was partially because she wanted her children exposed to as much Spanish language as possible (for which I'm grateful), Fiesta also had an excellent selection of products.

From unbeatable prices on Mexican vanilla to the bags of fresh chicharrones my mother loved, Fiesta was our go-to grocery store. We learned that tortillas go with everything and that Mexican Coke is by far superior to the American equivalent. Not to mention, there were so many parts in the butcher's section that I had never before seen in my life. Despite some of the more unusual things that are sold there, Fiesta quickly became my favorite place to shop. By the time I was in college, their competitive prices made them the only place that I shopped.

Although today I don't exclusively shop at Fiesta, there are some things that I cannot resist going there for. Here are 10 of them. Hopefully they persuade you to give Fiesta Mart a try, too.

1. Nopales

If you haven't been using cacti as an ingredient, you really need to start. It's fabulous in eggs and unbeatable when you mix it with refried beans and cheese and put it in a tortilla.

Other than that, it's got a unique texture that is fresh and low in calories. All excellent reasons to introduce this native Texan plant into you meals.

2. Frozen Yuca

Yuca is often called cassava in English and is a tuberous, wax-covered root. So, while it is incredibly delicious (especially when it is used in place of potatoes to make fries) it is an absolute pain to peel.

Fiesta, thankfully, knew of this problem and therefore decided to sell frozen, pre-peeled yuca. Now, all you have to do is thaw and fry to get the most delicious side dish you will ever try.

You can use all the extra time you save to make a smorgasbord of sauces.

3. Tamarindo

If you're not putting tamarind on everything you're missing out. So much Mexican candy features this ingredient, and for good reason. It's spicy and spiced, but when you pair it with sweet you will pucker your lips in delight.

Just be careful not to sprinkle with a heavy hand.

4. Limes

12 for a dollar?! Yep. Think of all those margaritas, guacamole, fish tacos, and key lime pie you could make at that price. It's unbeatable.

5. Mexican Pasteles

Mexican bakeries are unlike anything else. When there are churros, Mexican wedding cookies, and egg cake involved, you know you are in for a treat. At Fiesta, these tantalizing desserts are baked fresh daily and cost cents on the dollar.

It's best to use the buddy system when shopping in their bakery. Sometimes you need back up to make sensible decisions on quantity.

6. Concha Y Toro Wines

Everyone likes a good deal on wine - hello two buck Chuck - but Fiesta Mart tops the list for stores who offer the best deals.

Whether you need a bold red to complement your beef fajitas or a more medium bodied option for outdoor sipping, you'll easily find it here and at a very good price.

7. Fajita Meat

Buying meat at Fiesta is always a good idea. They have so many different cuts and varieties that you will never see at other supermarkets.

Although they have a vast selection, the crown jewel of the meat market is Fiesta's pre-marinated fajita meat. Already perfectly spiced and mixed with veggies, all you need to do is ask for a couple of handfuls from the butcher and you don't have much left in the way of dinner preparation.

8. Tortillas

If tortillas aren't your daily bread then it's clear that you aren't from Texas. If you're aware of how invaluable tortillas are, then you are probably pretty picky when it comes to selecting yours from the supermarket.

Thankfully Fiesta has you covered. With corn and flour options from a host of well-known brands, there is also quite a stack that is made in house or shipped in from the El Milagro factory. Neither of which brand has ever let you down when making a taco.

And all for under $2.

9. Paella Pans

It's not like you really need a paella pan. Except as soon as you get one, you'll be thrilled with its size and versatility.

Sit it on a grill or your stove, you can make enormous, party-sized portions, and the presentation of the dish is always stylish.

10. Fresh Seafood

Speaking of paella, when you're on the hunt for fish or crustaceans, Fiesta Mart is one of the places you should check first.

Their selection of seafood is second to none, and every single fillet I've ever purchased has tasted fresh, flavorful, and crisps up nicely on the grill.

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