Frozen, Flavored, On the Rocks: 10 of the Best Margaritas in Texas

There's no denying the unrequited love that most of us have for margaritas. Yes, they're sugary. Yes, they're dowsed in tequila. Yes, they're the life-changing, mind-altering goodness that makes everything OK. After all, everyone knows the secret to a great margarita is tequila and lots of it. So where can you find the best margaritas in Texas? Right here, y'all.

In the South, we are always blessed with a heatwave to make any day a margarita day. With that, we salute the warm weather and cheers each other with an ice-cold marg the way any Texan would. When it's 100+ degrees outside, you grab your friends, hit the road in the A.C., and go to your closest and most reliable margarita hot spot. Instead of spiting the warmer weather, take it one perfect margarita at a time.

Tthe best margaritas aren't just a drink to be had to pass the time on a lazy Sunday (though we recommend that, too); it's a way of life. You were raised watching your parents and of-age family members indulge in this frozen delight on far too many occasions, and now that you're legally able, you can join the club! Don't know where to get your marg on in this fine state, or looking to try a new spot? Here are the 10 best margaritas in Texas. Cheers, y'all!

The Best Margaritas in Texas

10. Squeeze Ritas & Tequilas


What's better than a cocktail (and tacos) with a view? A margarita with one, of course! Squeeze is a tequila bar unlike any other, partly because it's right on the beach! Mosey on up to the bar, get your fix, and head to the patio for rest and relaxation like you've only dreamed about.

Whether you're in the mood for frozen margaritas or prefer your best margarita on the rocks, you'll find something to take away the summer blues and with that view, how could you go wrong?

9. Kiko's Mexican Food Restaurant & Cantina

Corpus Christi

There's nothing quite like the combination of an icy cold margarita and some legendary queso, a match made in heaven and brought to life just about anywhere in Texas, and Kiko's Mexican Food Restaurant is no different.

Come in for the food (hello enchiladas and fajitas), stay for a damn good margarita, and low key atmosphere, and you'll be sure to leave with a grin on your face. The fresh lime wedges served with each tops off the traditional margarita and we dare you to get out of there without ordering a second one.

8. Matt's El Rancho


If variety is up your alley, then Matt's Famous El Rancho is for you. With margaritas boasting in various colors and flavor collaborations including prickly pear and orange liqueur. There's something for you hidden in their long list of flavors. If you want two flavors, you've got it! Want the classic margarita on the rocks? Not a problem!

This place exists to serve you and does it well. To put it simply, Matt's throws down. With a happy hour and smaller crowd during the 4-6 pm time, there's no better place to cool off in the Austin heat than with a house margarita made with fresh lime juice.

7. Blue Mesa Grill

Fort Worth

All we see is blue at Blue Mesa Grill, and that's how we like it. The happy hours here are to die for, and so is the food. But who cares about food when you can get a blue margarita?! These bad boys are offered up for just $4 during happy hour, so really, why would you be anywhere but here?

If blue isn't quite your style, try one of their famous tequila flights, featuring the best blanco tequila, reposado tequila, and añejos tequila in one place. If good quality tequila is a must for your margarita needs, Blue Mesa Grill always has your back.

6. Rancho Grande Bar and Grill


Officially launched in Tomball, Rancho Grande Bar & Grill is part of a larger chain throughout southeastern Texas, specifically around Houston. And you know what? We've never had a bad margarita at any of their locations, from Magnolia to the Nederland/Port Arthur restaurant.

All margaritas are not the same, and that is something Rancho Grande Bar & Grill knows well. Offering up Wednesday specials on all margaritas, there's always the perfect one for you. Whether you've had a rough week and need a small marg to take the edge off, or you're going in with friends for a giant beer margarita, there's no size too small or large here. I can taste the lime juice and tangy orange juice from here.

5. El Mirasol

San Antonio

Don't feel guilty combating the Texas heat, especially when you're at El Mirasol. What good is a happy hour if your favorite, lower calorie drink isn't on it? This San Antonio favorite offers up your favorite margaritas as well as chispas, otherwise known as skinny margaritas, during their happiest of hours.

Though these are also available at all other times, there's something that feels so right about a happy hour drink. You know what they say: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. With two locations in San Antonio and a third sister restaurant, Soluna, you'll always find something refreshing.

4. Chimy's


Every college town has  an unofficial off-campus hot spot, and that's exactly what Chimy's in Lubbock has become. With happy hours from 4-7 pm during most weekdays and a margarita that will singlehandedly rock your world, what else could you ask for?

Oh, did we mention happy hour is all day on Mondays and Tuesdays? If that's not a reason to head in, we don't know what is. Is there anything a frozen margarita can't cure?

3. The Grill

San Angelo

It's hard to find a place worth traveling countless miles for, but lovers of The Grill in San Angelo have found the place. Known for their seafood specials and happy hour deals, head on in for your taste of paradise. If you are looking for the best margaritas in Texas, this place has you covered.

Come for the margaritas and stay for the eclectic Southwestern cuisine that The Grill has been churning out since 2010.

2. Gerardo's Casita


If you like your salsa hot and your drinks cold, this is the perfect place for you. With flares such as their notorious spicy green salsa and big-as-your-head margaritas, there's not much to dislike about this joint.

Serious magic happens here with triple sec, simple syrup, and silver tequila as Gerardo's serves up an expansive and delicious list of margarita flavors that'll make your head spin, in a good way, of course. No matter if you're stopping in for a quick drink or meeting up with a long lost friend, this is the perfect place to go for all your Tex-Mex needs.

1. The Pastry War


If you're about tequila, this is the place for you. Serving up a vibrant blend of tequilas and mezcals, the Pastry War has almost nothing to do with it's given name. So why is it called what it is?

Since this bar is serving up the best spirits Mexico has to offer, the name came from an 1838 conflict between France and Mexico, and serves to showcase the rich drinking culture of Mexico while boasting French flares around the bar itself.

Their margaritas are simply stellar, and with three flavor options, you can't go wrong. Try out the Habanero + Serrano for a spicy twist, the Strawberry + Balsamic with fresh muddled strawberries, or the Mango + Chamoy that'll make your tongue pucker in the best way. Stop in for your own taste of excellence today!

This post was originally published on July 21, 2017. 

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