Taylor Kamnetz

Taylor Kamnetz is an avid giggler, writer and photographer from Austin, Texas with a knack for disrupting the status quo. Amongst her various colorful qualities, she considers herself a conscious foodie; someone who recognizes and appreciates exotic flavors and textures, yet strives to incorporate the powerful flavors from good food into food that’s good for you. Living in Austin has allowed Taylor to experience a plethora of contrasting dining experiences—from the decadent to the excessively health-conscious, and everything in between. Falling in love with food, nutrition and its effects on the human body and mind has completely changed Taylor’s life, and she can’t wait to take you on a journey to change yours. When she’s not writing or entertaining her life away, you can find her in a dimly lit coffee shop blasting Jon Bellion through her headphones while hunching over her MacBook compulsively and repetitively falling into the black hole that is YouTube.