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DIY Your Own Backyard Oasis with a Stock Tank Pool for Less Than $600

The string lights are a gorgeous touch.

Wouldn't it be great to have a swimming pool to splash into without having to dig up your entire backyard? That's the theory behind the creation of DIY Stock Tank Pools. These stock tank swimming pools, which are exactly what you'd think -— a tank that's generally used to feed and give water to livestock on farms —- have become all the rage, and for good reason.

Instead of shelling out the high cost of over $30,000 and three months of your time installing a backyard pool, or messing with the hassles of an above-ground pool, just make your own simple pool. Yes, the idea may seem bold, ambitious and daunting all at once, but it's much easier than it looks, and more cost-effective, too because of the stock tank pool costs.

To make your own galvanized stock tank swimming pool, you need a stock tank, a filter, one small pump, a few hundred gallons of water, and several feet of tubing, all of which can be found at your local Tractor Supply store. With these four items and roughly $500, you can make yourself a metal stock tank pool worth of pool noodles and ice cream inflatables, while also making the kiddos jealous of your adult replication of their plastic kiddie pool.

If you're a crafty person who loves hands-on projects, you can even take it a step further and create your own backyard oasis. Rather than simply setting an area in the yard for your stock tank pool to live, you can add decking, stones, and other decorative aspects to the mix. In the photos below, you'll find everything from homeowners adding a simple waterfall to a wooden deck to flagstone pavers around the backyard stock tank pool. Didn't think you could buy outdoor home decor from the farm supply did ya?

How To Make a DIY Stock Tank Pool

Begin by finding a spot in your backyard that can fit the metal pool. Use of sand or crushed gravel is a great medium to use underneath the pool, just make sure it's level and free of any sharp rocks.

Once you've decided on a spot, install your pool pump to ensure the water in the round stock tank constantly moves to prevent mosquitos (who love standing water) and filter impurities. This task requires knowledge of electricity (electricity and water do not mix!) so if you have any questions you might want to ask a professional electrician before installing a filter pump or a pool pump.

From there, make sure all the seams are sealed with marine-grade sealant or plumber's putty and start filling it up with water and some pool chemicals like chlorine tablets. Don't forget the drain plug too!

This is an incredibly easy way to build up your new outdoor swimming pool in a simple way. Here's some inspiration you need to help guide you towards Tractor Supply Company to make your very own. The sky is the limit when it comes to this nifty DIY project.

1. Pebble Beach

Create your own pebbled-out dessert oasis with stepping stones, cacti, and of course, palm trees. An outdoor swimming pool has never looked more appealing.

Yes, that's a donut float in the stock pool, proving that they really are big enough for comfortable and Instagram-worthy lounging

2. Light It Up

To amp up the space you have, try adding some string lights over the tank pool for added pizazz.

Again, you should always have a float in the pool, y'all.

3. Shady Times

Sometimes, it's not so much about being in the sun as it is enjoying the day the sunshine has to offer.

By that, we mean sitting in a shaded pool with crisp, fresh air surrounding us. This is also the only foolproof way to prevent sunburn while still enjoying the water.

4. Waterfalls

Who says you have to have an in-ground swimming pool to have fountains or waterfalls?

This constructive masterpiece showcases just what you can do with your own stock tank pool.

5. Tropical Escape

Escape to your own tropical island, all within your backyard.

Hang up a canopy around your tank pool for added privacy and protection for pesky mosquitoes.

6. Covered Up

If you live in a place that's notorious for unreasonably high temperatures, creating a pool cover for your stock tank pool isn't a bad idea. The galvanized metal surely gets warm around the edges, but a cover is an innovative solution to the problem.

This keeps the bugs out, the water cool, and gives you an enjoyable first-dip experience.

7. Country Castle

No matter where you live, there's no reason you shouldn't create an oasis for yourself. If that means going all in and building a deck and stone accents around your pool, then so be it!

8. Pup-Friendly

You don't have to take the pup to the public pool at the end of the summer or even leave your backyard to cool Fido down in stock tank pools.

The best part is that their nails don't bother the lining because there isn't any!

9. Mom-Tested and Kid-Approved

Watching the little ones in a stock tank pool is a piece of cake since they're probably as tall as the water level!

This is a great place to teach them how to swim when they're just starting out.

10. Always a Beautiful View

No need to worry about where in the yard you can actually place a pool since the stock tank sets up anywhere.

Angle it just right to catch a beautiful sunset every night.

11. The 'Hillbilly' Swimming Pool

If that's what a hillbilly swimming pool looks like, then we're all hillbillies because dang if that doesn't look like some serene country living.

12. Comfortable Seating

Stock tanks are just the right size to comfortably sit down and enjoy the water in the privacy of your own gorgeous backyard. It's like a hot tub, but better.

Build a deck around it and you've got a serious backyard spot that the whole block will beg to visit.

13. Rocky Top

How gorgeous is this rock layout? No one said stock tank pools had to be boring, did they?

This article was originally published on September 1, 2019.

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