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The Pop-Tart Meme Now Has Every State Making up Weird Combinations

Did you ever think there was another way to eat Pop-Tarts besides toasted or not toasted? While you could make your own, you can't deny the convenience of popping open that silver packet to see two perfectly portioned pastries inside. Pop-Tarts fills the need for a quick breakfast or snack, regardless how you feel about wholesome, healthy living. However, we just never knew you could experiment with how to eat Pop-Tarts.

As it turns out, there are plenty of ways, and none are that appealing. It all began when a Twitter user posted a horrifying photo of a Pop-Tart cheese sandwich. Here we have Iowa's interpretation.

It drew so much attention that even the Iowa Police had something to say.

Then, Pop-Tarts themselves chimed in on their endorsement of this... quirky way to eat Pop-Tarts.

So with that deemed unacceptable, the Pop-Tarts frenzy began. Each state had something to say.


Salmon. Good choice, but not for Pop-Tarts.


Ketchup is a crime.


This is actually the closest thing to a balanced breakfast.


I mean, I know Indiana is corn country, but c'mon.


That gumbo looks so good. The Pop-Tart, not so much.


Is that.. nacho cheese dip or Cheese Whiz? Asking for a friend.


Barbecue sauce and all, just why?

New Mexico

Peppers and Pop-Tarts, a marriage that'll never last.


Are those cookies? If so, this is the only legitimate tweet in the bunch, y'all. I would totally eat cookies between Pop-Tarts.


We covered C Taylor's groundbreaking Pop-Tarts in Ranch. You can find that story here.


Oh my gosh, that is a Philly Cheesesteak. How much dedication went into the making of this photo?


If I'm being honest, I have no idea what's going on here other than a whole lot of dairy and a sad Pop-Tart.

For now, these are the only states brave enough to post their indulgences. Of course this is all in good fun and we're imagining no one actually eats their Pop-Tarts like this. Right, y'all?

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