Twitter: Whataburger

25 Times Whataburger Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

Oh, Whataburger, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. And incidentally, all of those ways seem to come back to the Whataburger Twitter feed. While you might not be expecting a place that makes dang good burgers to throw down equally as hard on social media, you might spit your Dr Pepper out laughing at some of these tweets. What can we say? Whataburger seems to know just what our hearts and our stomachs are hungry for.

Let's get acquainted with Whataburger, so grab your HCB or your jalapeño burger and cozy up. Warning, you might get whiplash from nodding your head so hard.

1. Get it right

2. Just sayin'...

3. The ideal relationship

4. Priorities, people

5. Same priorities, different day

6. Summer mood

7. Meal Prep 101

8. The perfect compromise

9. School's out for summer!

10. You know who you are

11. True love never dies

12. Water Burgers

13. Live your best life

14. Why walk when you can Whataburger?

15. Buffalo. Sauce. Fountain.

16. The Texan's choice

17. Grammar games

18. Unless you want to lose a finger...

19. They involve another Whataburger run

20. Actions speak louder than words

21. HBCBs for life

22. Texas Independence deserves a freebie

23. Pettiness level 100

24. No losers here!

25. Whataburger knows what the ladies want


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