A $12 Watermelon Slicer Is the Essential Tool for Fresh Fruit All Summer Long

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It's BBQ season again: so the grills are fired up, and fresh fruit is ripe, sweet, and plentiful. Few things are as refreshing on a hot summer day as cold and juicy slices of watermelon. The catch? Every watermelon lover knows that it's quite a job to have to wrestle kitchen knives through a giant melon. Then, you have to cut the thing! Luckily, there's a kitchen gadget called a watermelon slicer, and it's become an essential tool in every melon lovers kitchen. Try it once, and you'll see: watermelon slicing has never been more simple, and you can get a tool that cubes or slices, depending on your needs.

Show up to your seasonal parties with the sweetest simple snack. Or, enjoy fresh fruit on the back porch by yourself. Summertime is for hanging y'all. Live life a little easier with these effortless watermelon slicers.

1. Best for Cubes

Yueshico Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer - Amazon, $12.37 

A kid-friendly kitchen tool is always a plus to have around the house. Normally, giving young ones a way to participate takes something off of your plate. Except in this case. In this case, the windmill watermelon slicer actually leaves more on your plate. More piles of fresh watermelon cubes, that is. So, how does it work? You press the windmill through the fruit, and the paddle dicer churns out fresh pieces of melon in conveniently sized cubes. No sharp blades are necessary, and it's made of sturdy stainless stee. How's that for easy living?

2. Best for Slices

Extra Large Watermelon Slicer Cutter - Amazon, $49.99

This extra-large slicer functions like a giant version of one of my favorite kitchen utensils: the apple cutter. The whole melon is sliced in just one press. With that bit of downward force, cutting watermelon is no longer a chore — and neither is cleanup, because this slicer is dishwasher-safe. Best of all: this sturdy blade works as a pineapple slicer, and it can cut up your cantaloupe too. Hold on to your honeydew, these fresh fruit options are endless!

3. Best for Rind-Less Slices

Watermelon Cutter by Sleeké - Amazon, $14.97

The Sleeké watermelon knife is a mix between the windmill watermelon cuber and the giant stainless steel fruit slicer. You might call it a melon carving knife. Instead of cubes or cuts on the rind, this tool pulls whole slices that are 100% fruit with no skin attached. The ergonomic handle does double-duty as a set of tongs that lift your watermelon slices out of the peel and onto your plate.

4. A Two-In-One Gadget That Cuts And Serves

Zhongyu 2-in-1 Watermelon Fork & Slicer - Amazon, $17.99

This fun stainless steel fork and slicer is an inventive way to eat watermelon by yourself or serve to a crowd. Just slice a watermelon up with the side that easily cubes the fruit, then pick it up and serve or eat it with the fork on the opposite side. It's great to take with you while camping or in an RV: it takes up no room and reviewers say this makes slicing watermelon so, so easy.

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