Grill Essentials: 3 Tool Sets To Make Grilling a Breeze

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Now that summer is here, one of the the easiest and most pleasant ways to cook a meal is on the grill. It's no question that when it comes to preparing all kinds of meat, grilling can't be topped. However, it's also a really versatile way to prepare all sorts of foods — like vegetables, fruits, and even bread (next time you're making bruschetta, grill a piece of ciabatta and rub a garlic clove on it). There's also something special about the smell of the smoke and the atmosphere that comes with grilling — especially in the summer months. Whatever meal you're making, make sure you have the right equipment to seamlessly pull off any any creation.

We've rounded up six grill tool sets that are perfect for grillers of any level, whether you're a novice and just starting your grilling career or an old pro who's looking to get some new (and sleek) equipment that will last you for years of flipping burgers and cooking steaks. Check them out below:

1. An Elevated Set of Basics

Weber Premium 3-Piece Grill Set - Amazon, $39.99

If you're a novice griller or you have had the same basic tools for ages, this is the set that's worth your money. Manufactured by the grilling masters at Weber, it's a stainless steel trio that includes a fork, a spatula, and locking tongs. It's the trinity that you'll need to grill up pretty much anything, and the comfortable soft grip and long handles will ensure comfort as it keeps your hands safely away from the heat. They're light and sturdy, and will be your go-to tools for a long time. This is the best of the best.

2. The Perfect Upgrade

Cuisinart 13-Piece Bamboo Tool Set - Amazon, $37.67

If you just bought a new grill and you're looking to try some inventive new recipes — or you're looking for a great gift for your favorite BBQer — this beautiful bamboo tool kit would be my pick for a show-stopping set. Made by Cuisinart, it comes in a beautiful case and features sturdy steel tools that have elegant bamboo handles. It includes a spatula, tongs, a basting brush, a cleaning brush, four skewers, and four corn cob holders. The extras this includes are perfect for summer barbecues where you'll be making kabobs or veggie skewers — and if you love a fresh cob of corn, you'll love the convenience of these sturdy holders. Since it has the case, this would be a great find for tailgaters, too.

3. The Must-Have for the Grilling Aficionado

Cuisinart 36-Piece Grilling Tool Kit - Amazon, $48.99

So you've suddenly decided you want to become the best griller in your neighborhood. Or, you need a gift for someone who invites you to an outdoor party practically every weekend. You're going to want this tool kit with a whopping 36 tools for all your grilling needs: it will have everything you need and didn't even know you needed. It's really for the person who wants to cook everything on the grill — from new recipes to old favorites — for a crowd. In it, you'll get 10 burger flags (to ensure everyone gets the right temp for their burger), eight stainless steel corn holders, six skewers, a spatula, fork, tongs, basting brush, heat-resistant glove, a basting brush and mop replacement head, a bottle opener, a grill scraper, a recipe book, temperature guide, and storage case to hold it all. This is the must-have kit for the grilling lover.

This piece was published on March 22, 2021. It has been updated in 2022 by Alida Nugent.