8 Low-Maintenance Flowers That Will Bloom All Summer Long

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Summer-plantin', had me a blast — I think that's what Sandy sang to Danny in the movie Grease. Whatever the lyrics may be, have you gotten around to summer gardening this season? If not, this is the round-up for you: here are the flowers that bloom all summer long, so you'll have plenty of time to get your summertime garden ready for growing season. They'll bloom this summer, and also withstand arid temperatures, more, and blazing heat. Whether you're living in sunny California or in an area that's dry like Arizona or West Texas, a low-maintenance plant that doesn't need regular watering makes for the perfect summertime plant.

These plants are especially wonderful for pollinators (like bees, and hummingbirds), too. Before picking out your favorite summer flowers, be sure to find your hardiness zone — hardiness zone is a USDA-created map that lets you know what kind of plants grow the best in your area, based on climate, average temps, and more. Just go to the site and plug your town in to find out your number — and the zone number will also be included below, so you'll be sure to find an option that's perfect for your flowerbed, patio, or garden. These beautiful flowers may not be best for colder weather, but they'll be perfect for every warm climate or the arrival of the warm summer months.

1. Sunflowers

What Flowers Bloom All Summer - sunflowers

Getty/Katie Simmons

Sow Right Seeds - Mammoth Sunflower Seeds - Amazon, $5.99

Hardiness Zone: 4-9

Sun: Full Sun

Soil: Well-drained

There isn't a more perfect summertime flower than the sunflower, and these Mammoth sunflowers can reach heights between eight and 12 feet! Wow. They're pollinator and bird-friendly, so plant these non-GMO seeds this summer for a bright, beautiful garden that attracts sweet friends (they'll love eating the dried seeds). Sow Right Seeds includes growing instructions on the back of their packets. These yellow flowers will need lots of water during germination but less throughout summer, and well-drained soil around 70 degrees Fahrenheit is key. Also, they're edible! Roast these sunflower seeds for a yummy snack.

2. Peonies

peonies - What Flowers Bloom All Summer


Seed Needs, Pale Rose Peony Poppy - Amazon, $5.99

Hardiness Zone: 3, 7, & 8

Sun: Partial and full sun

Soil: Well-drained

Peonies bloom from late spring to early summer. You may notice these flowers at weddings — they often represent love and wealth — but they'll look just as good in your summertime garden. These gorgeous pink flowers will bloom up to 24 to 32 inches tall. These seeds from Seed Needs are stored in a temperature-controlled facility, so you'll receive top-quality seeds for a beautiful garden. These also work with both partial and full sun, too.

3. Purple Coneflowers

flowers bloom all summer - purple coneflowers


Sow Right Seeds - Purple Coneflower/Echinacea Flower Seeds - Amazon, $4.95

Hardiness Zone: 3-9

Sun: Full Sun

Soil: Well-drained

Sow Right Seeds has you covered with Purple Coneflowers as well. Not only do these bright, cheerful flowers add a splash of purple and pink to your garden, but they'll come in handy for tea lovers. The dried leaves are great for DIY tea to boost your immune system — you might know them as echinacea. These are drought-tolerant plants, so they could be great if you have rainier summer months. Keep soil between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit, and the seeds are non-GMO.

4. Marigolds

flowers bloom all summer - marigolds


Outsidepride Marigold Flower Seed Mix - Amazon, $6.49

Hardiness Zone: 2-11

Sun: Full sun

Soil: Moist soil

Marigolds love summer weather, and that's no surprise — look at the way they glow when the sun hits their petals. These flowers will bloom into late summer to add the perfect summertime shade to your garden. Pollinators love them, too, so expect butterflies and birds to frequent your garden — and keep soil moist, not wet. The GMO-free seeds will produce a mix of orange and yellow flowers, and you can also make tea out of the leaves of this sunny, beautiful plant.

5. Daylilies

daylily What Flowers Bloom All Summer


Stella D'Oro Day Lily Seeds - Amazon, $9.99

Hardiness Zone: 3-9

Sun: Full sun

Soil: Well-drained

This drought-tolerant plant is tiny but packs a punch: It'll only reach up to 12 inches, but the orange/yellow color will still make a bold statement.This plant blooms May through July and is very fragrant. Expect butterflies to hang out on the trumpet-shaped flowers. They will tolerate partial shade (in case you want these in a hanging basket on a patio), but they prefer full sun. They're popular flowers for novice gardeners, so between them being drought-tolerant and loving the sun, you shouldn't have any trouble growing them.

6. Sweet Peas

sweet peas - What Flowers Bloom All Summer

Getty/DebraLee Wiseberg

Seed Needs Old Spice Sweet Pea Seeds - Amazon, $8.99

Hardiness Zone: 3-8

Sun: Full sun

Soil: Moist

These heat-resistant flowers are a must for dry climates. The old spice mixture is comprised of red, pink, white, purple, and cream blooms. They'll reach up to 48-60 inches and grow in vine-like formations. Get excited, landscapers! This is a great flower for those who have a trellis in their backyard, they have a beautiful aroma, and you can grab the seeds before they wilt to resow once the hot weather hits again next year.

7. Petunias



Sow Right Seeds Petunia Wild Violet Flower Seeds - Amazon, $4.99

Hardiness Zone: 9-11

Sun: Full sun

Soil: Well-drained, moist

Petunias are beyond gorgeous — and that gorgeous vivid purple is well sought after by hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees! These plants are low-growing and will bloom all summer long. There are growing instructions on each packet, of course, but a good rule of thumb for petunia plants is to water them once a week. We love the brand Sow Right Seeds: their operation is fully solar-powered, making these seeds sustainable.

8. Bugleweed

bugleweed What Flowers Bloom All Summer

Getty/Joanna Sokolowska

100 Seeds Bugleweed Purple Lavender - Amazon, $18

Hardiness Zone: 4-10

Sun: Full sun

Soil: Well-drained, moist

These bugleweed plants are known for being aggressive spreaders, so consider these for ground cover or covering large areas all at once — or choke out those weeds this summer without overbearing other plants. Caring for bugleweed is simple — one inch of water per week will do. These plants love well-drained soil, full sun and thrive in humidity.

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