Country singer Ty England is shown during an interview in Nashville, Tenn., on Thursday, June 13, 1996. (AP Photo)

What Happened to Ty England?

Originally a member of Garth Brooks band, Gary Tyler England had his own solo career that kicked off in the '90s. But after a few successful singles and four albums, he seemed to disappear from the music world. What happened?

The Oklahoma City native first met Brooks at a coffee shop when they were fellow students at Oklahoma State University. The two became roommates and bonded over playing music together. England was already a skilled guitarist who had been performing with various bands through high school. But shortly after, England left school and began working at an automotive paint store. 

In 1988, England got a call from his old college friend Brooks. He got a recording contract in Nashville and wanted him to join his band playing guitar and singing backup. After 7 years as a member of Brooks band, England decided to go out on his own after securing his own record deal with RCA. 

Ty England entered the country music world with a self titled debut album in 1995. "Should've Asked Her Faster" hit number three on the charts and remains the highest charting single of his career. His second album, Two Ways to Fall, came out the following year with "Irresistible You" reaching number 22 on the Billboard country charts. It seemed like things were going well for England, but he left his label and signed with Capitol Records in 1999.

Highways & Dance Halls was released under the name Tyler England, but it didn't perform as well as his prior work. Out of his three singles, "Too Many Highways," "I Drove Her to Dallas" and "I'd Rather Have Nothing," only "I Drove Her to Dallas" peaked at 53 on the charts. He didn't release another album until 2007 with Alive and Well and Livin' the Dream, but the two singles, "Redneck Anthem" and "The Perfect Girl" didn't chart.

Though he hasn't released any new music since, England continues to perform in various shows and festivals including the The Oklahoma Born and Branded Festival in Guthrie, Oklahoma. His website is still being updated with opportunities for booking or chances to see England live, so be sure to check for updates!

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